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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(128) by Anne Bishop
  • “That should be enough time,” Jaenelle said.

    For what?Saetan wondered. But it wasn’t a question he would ask because his darling girls might tell him.

    The Ladies left the room, leaving the men to collapse into chairs, not sure if they should be scared or pissed off, or should laugh like fools.

    The room held nothing but a blissful, and exhausted, silence for several minutes.

    “Can you stay for supper?” Daemon asked Lucivar.

    “No choice,” Lucivar growled. “Marian said if I want to stay married, I’m going to stay out for the whole evening.”

    “You have been a bit too possessive lately.”

    “Maybe. She says she’s fine.”

    “What does the Healer say?”

    “Nurian also says Marian is fine, so she’s fine. Everyone is supposed to be fine. Well, I’mnot fine. She scared the shit out of me with that miscarriage.” Lucivar snarled. “Next thing she’ll be wanting sex again.”

    “They do that,” Aaron said sympathetically while Khary nodded. “They do.”

    “Well, then . . .” Saetan began.


    They all straightened up and looked toward the door.

    “What was that?” Daemon asked.

    “Sounded like something blew up,” Lucivar replied. “What kind of spell were the girls trying to fix?”

    They all looked at him.

    “No,” Saetan said firmly. “If you want to find out, you go ahead. I am not leaving this room.”

    The other four men looked at one another.

    Daemon held out his hand. “We’ve got some time before supper. Let me see that letter again.”


    Having exhausted his patience for card playing, Theran left Kermilla sulking over a hand of solitaire and noticed the Sceltie standing perfectly still near the parlor door.

    He moved toward the dog. “Vae?”

    No, not Vae. Same coloring but different markings, and a sense of maturity—and power.

    He saw the Red Jewel at the same time Kermilla spotted the dog and hurried toward him, clapping her hands in delight.

    “Oh,Theran. You got me a Sceltie.”

    She took another step. The dog bared his teeth and snarled.

    Kermilla shook her finger. “Bad dog!”

    Something more than the Sceltie snarled, and the sound filled the room.

    *I am Lord Ladvarian,* the Sceltie said, staring at Kermilla. *This is Prince Jaal.*

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