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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(130) by Anne Bishop
  • Daemon lay on his side, facing away from the rest of the bed. When he felt Jaenelle slip under the covers, he pressed his face into the pillow and began chanting silently,Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh.

    If he started laughing again, she would kick his ass out of bed.

    But, damn, it was hard not to laugh when his darling wife looked like a brightly colored, demented sheep. Not that he would saythat. He knew better. Lucivar didn’t, but he knew better.

    Lucivar was sent home with a note from his father explaining to Marian why Lucivarhad to go home before his sister, and Karla, killed him flatter than dead. Whatever that meant.

    Jaenelle poked his back with a finger. “I’ll fix it.”

    Don’t laugh, don’t laugh, don’t laugh.“I know you will.”

    “Tomorrow Karla and I will figure out what went wrong, and we’ll fix it.”

    “Uh-huh.” He tried to resist and couldn’t. Damn his curiosity, it was going to get him into trouble. But he rolled onto his back so he could look at her—and had to clench his teeth until he gainedsome control. “I was wondering . . .”

    Her sapphire eyes narrowed.

    He made a twirling motion with one finger. “How did your hair . . . ?” It wasn’t the splotches of bright pink, blue, and mauve in her golden hair that broke his control. It wasn’t even the streaks of green, which made no sense since they weren’t part of the original spell Karla was trying to fix. It was the fact that the colored hair had also corkscrewed and . . .sproinged . . . out from her head.

    Hence Lucivar’s comment about demented sheep.

    Laughter bubbled up. Threatened to spill out.

    Jaenelle huffed and said something in the Old Tongue that was, no doubt,very rude. “Go to sleep. You’re not going to be good for anything else.”

    He blinked. Blinked again. The laughter vanished. He looked at the silly little sheep sitting so foolishly close to him and another kind of amusement swelled inside him. And swelled a particular part of him.

    “Was that a challenge?” he purred.

    Her eyes widened. She shifted her hips away from him. “No.”

    He sat up. “I think it was. I think—”

    He pounced. Her squeak of surprise as he pinned her to the bed did all kinds of delightful things to the predatory side of his nature. Even better was the way her breath caught after he vanished her nightgown and used his teeth and tongue to give her br**sts some lavish attention.

    He closed his teeth over his favorite spot on her neck, followed by soft kisses.

    “Don’t you know that laughter can be an aphrodisiac?” he whispered in her ear.

    She shook her head. Brightly colored, corkscrew curls bounced against his nose.

    Smiling he raised his head and looked at her. Nerves in those beautiful eyes. Nerves . . . and hot desire.


    “Then let me expand your education a little,” he purred.

    She said nothing, so he sheathed himself inside her.

    He expanded her education a whole lot more than a little, but by the time he was done, they were both too exhausted—and too satisfied—to care.

    CHAPTER 26


    Gray brushed one fingertip over the globe Tersa had given him.

    This is where you are, she’d said.

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