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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(136) by Anne Bishop
  • Gray shrugged. “I planted them for Cassie, and I paid a hefty sum for a few of them. Besides . . .” He looked around the garden. “I didn’t think you would care.”

    “That’s not the point.”

    “What is the point?” Gray looked past Theran’s shoulder, and a dark, feral look came into his green eyes.

    Before Theran could ask what was wrong, Gray pulled the spade out of the soil. Except it was no longer a spade. It was a pitchfork, and Gray held it more like a weapon than a tool.

    For a moment, Theran just stared. It took a lot of skill in using Craft to vanish one object and call in another so smoothly a person couldn’t see the transition. Where had Gray learned to do that?

    Then he remembered thatsomething had sparked his cousin’s temper and looked behind him.

    Kermilla pranced over the lawn toward them, her expression one of sharp delight. That expression usually meant she was going to delight in using the sharp side of her tongue.

    “It’s Gray, isn’t it?” Kermilla said. “The gardener? Have you finally remembered your duties and come back to be useful?”

    What Theran saw in Gray’s eyes made the queer look in Julien’s seem warm and comforting in comparison.

    “I don’t work for you, bitch,” Gray snarled. “I never will.”

    “Gray,” Theran said, shocked.

    Kermilla’s face went white with anger. “You should be careful about saying ‘never,’ gardener. Things change.”

    “Some things change,” Gray agreed. “Some things don’t.”

    Kermilla took a step closer. Gray raised the pitchfork, and there was no doubt of how he would use it if she came any closer.

    “I’m a Queen,” Kermilla hissed.

    “You don’t outrank me, and I don’t serve you, so that means nothing,” Gray snarled. “And nothing like you is ever going to lay a hand on me again.”

    A moment of choice.

    Theran put himself between Kermilla and Gray. “That’s enough, Gray. Kermilla, please go back inside.”

    “I want—”

    “Kermilla.” He’d pay for giving her an order in front of someone, but Gray would try to hurt her, maybe even try to kill her, if she didn’t get out of sight.

    He waited until Kermilla was safely inside the house; then he focused his anger on his cousin.

    “What in the name of Hell do you think you’re doing?”

    Gray stared at him. “Do you actually serve that bitch? Sleep with that bitch?”

    “Stop calling her that!”

    “I’ll call her what she is.”

    “You don’t even know her.”

    “I may not knowher , but I knew one just like her. I have the scars to prove it.”

    “She’s not like that! She’snothing like that! And you better mind your tongue, boy. When Kermilla becomes the Queen of Dena Nehele, she isnot going to forget your insults.”

    “Then it’s fortunate she’s not going to become the Queen.” Gray drove the pitchfork deep into the soil. “Cassie is the Queen of Dena Nehele.”

    “Only until spring. When her contract runs out, Kermilla will rule.”

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