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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(146) by Anne Bishop
  • CHAPTER 31


    Cassidy hurried into the meeting room. Gray was finally home, and she wasn’t sure if she was relieved or angry. A hasty message saying he’d been delayed but would be home before Winsol hadn’t soothed her, not when he’d been so vague about these required meetings with the High Lord—and not when Jaenelle’s response to her inquiries was a gently worded message that still translated to “It’s none of your business, Cassie.”

    “Gray, are you all right—”

    He grabbed her, twirled her, hugged her breathless—then kissed her in a way that made her dizzy and more than a little self-conscious since her whole First Circle was watching them.

    “Sorry I’ve been gone so long.” Gray’s green eyes blazed with happy excitement, and he didn’t look sorry at all. “I asked Daemon for a favor, and then he wanted me to wait and bring along a special delivery for you. I couldn’t say no.”

    “Gray, stop bouncing,” Ranon said.

    “Sorry.” Gray grinned. “I’m just glad to be home. The SaDiablos are wonderful people, but they’re exhausting to be around for any length of time.”

    “Try spending four months with them,” Cassidy muttered.

    Gray hooted.

    “When my boys get like this, I take them to the park and make them run around until they’re almost too tired to walk home,” Shaddo said. “Think that would work with him?”

    “No.” Gray looked around the room—and then looked under the table. “Where are Vae and Khollie?”

    “Outside,” Shira said.

    He shrugged out of his coat. “Good. Ranon, would you put an Opal shield around the room and a lock on the door?”

    Cassidy felt tension ripple through the room. “Is there a reason for this, Gray?”

    “I don’t want Vae and Khollie joining us right now,” he replied.

    At least he was starting to settle down, Cassidy thought as everyone gathered around the table.

    “I did some shopping while I was in Kaeleer,” Gray said.

    Cassidy frowned. “I thought we agreed that we would buy our gifts from local shops, and anything we bought that came from Kaeleer we would purchase at Merchants.”

    “We did agree, but there were some things we wouldn’t be able to make in time. Not this year, anyway.” Gray ran a hand down her arm, silently asking her to understand. “I asked Daemon to take me to Scelt. We spent a day in Maghre. I met Lady Fiona and Shadow, the Sceltie Warlord who is her inspiration for the Tracker and Shadow books. I know he’s the inspiration because he told me. Several times. We also spent some of the afternoon with Lord Khardeen. And I bought some things.”

    An odd assortment of toys and other things appeared on the table.

    “I got these brushes for Lizzie, Wynne, and Keely. See? Their names are etched into the wood. And these,” Gray brushed a finger over the top of several small containers, “have nail paint that can be used safely on Sceltie nails as well as girl nails.”

    “Why would dogs want painted nails?” Archerr asked.

    “They don’t,” Gray replied. “But apparently Scelties who live with young girls end up with painted nails, and this is the only nail paint that should be used.”

    Shira muffled a snort and said on a distaff thread, *I guess that means Wynne and Keely will have pretty toenails.*

    Cassidy pressed her lips together and didn’t answer.

    “These braided ropes are good for playing tug or toss or chase—with or without humans,” Gray continued. “And these rawhide strips are for chewing. We’ll be able to figure out how to make these here, but for now I bought plenty for everyone.”

    Archerr tapped one of the bright-colored balls on the table. “These things are as big as the dogs.”

    “But lightweight,” Gray said. “These are the kinds of toys folks in Scelt buy for the Scelties.”

    “And this?” Shaddo picked up a stuffed baby bunny.

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