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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(158) by Anne Bishop
  • “Cassie, that’s not why I told you.”

    “I know that, Talon. It doesn’t make it any less true. If this is the work they do, they will be paid. We may not be able to give them what they deserve—not yet, anyway—but those men will be acknowledged.”

    He stared at her for a long moment. Then he kissed her cheek and walked out of the room.

    She gave herself another minute to settle before joining the other women for dinner.

    CHAPTER 34


    Daemon walked into the parlor where Jaenelle was tucking the last few presents under the tree before she created an illusion spell of the brightly wrapped boxes. Most, if not all, of those gifts would be going with her to the Keep this evening, so the illusion spell would maintain this room’s festive appearance.

    He would tuck his special gift for her among the rest once he joined her at the Keep tomorrow for the family’s celebration of Winsol.

    He held out a brown delivery box. “This came for you. Special delivery from Cassie.”

    “From Cassie?” Jaenelle put the last box in place, frowned a little, rearranged a couple more, then nodded, finally satisfied with the arrangement.

    Of course, if this package was supposed to go with the others, his darling wife could well pull them all out and start again.

    He might find that annoying if he didn’t suspect she was trying to figure out what the gifts were without using Craft to probe the packages.

    That was considered cheating.

    Besides, if challenged, he would deny having done anything similar when he’d handled packages while putting his gifts under the tree.

    Jaenelle opened the delivery box and uncovered a note and a large bakery tin.

    “Chocolate chunk cookies,” she read. “Taste best when slightly warm.” She vanished the note, opened the bakery tin, and took a cookie.

    Daemon narrowed his gold eyes as he watched her slowly chew and swallow. Until now, the only time he’d seenthat look on her face was when he was doing something especially pleasing with his hands or mouth.

    “Let’s see those.” He reached for a cookie.

    She hugged the tin, took a step back, and snarled, “Mine.”

    “Darling,” he purred, “you’re sharing.”


    “Because you like having sex with me.”

    She watched him out of those sapphire eyes. “You think you can give me sex that’s as good as these cookies?”

    “I think I can manage that.”

    She put the last bite of cookie in her mouth. She chewed. Swallowed. Licked melted chocolate off her fingers.

    And gave him a smile that made his knees weak and his blood sizzle.

    “Did you have any plans for this afternoon?” she asked.

    “I don’t remember.”

    Her smile turned a bit feral and a whole lot hotter.

    She handed him the bakery tin, walked to the door, and said over her shoulder, “Why don’t you tell Beale we’re going to miss the midday meal?”

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