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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(167) by Anne Bishop
  • “Cassie isn’t letting that bitch do anything,” Shaddo growled. “This mess is Theran’s doing.”

    “There’s an easy way to fix it,” Archerr said. “It’s not like we haven’t done it before.”

    They looked at him, and Gray saw the same question in all their eyes. “No, that isn’t the way to fix it. Not this time. When Cassie knows we’ve prepared for this, when she knows we’re going to stand with her, she’ll stand with us. She won’t turn her back on her people.”

    “Then let’s make sure she knows we’re going to stand with her,” Ranon said.

    “I’ve already contacted those I could reach in the First Circle who were working beyond the village today,” Powell said. “They’ll contact the others, so we’ll all be here around sunset.”

    “Fine,” Gray said. “Then let’s have some of that coffee before we all get back to work.”

    Cassie opened her eyes. Full dark outside. She must have slept for a few hours—and someone must have thrown a blanket over her and added a warming spell to it. Otherwise she would have gotten cold and woken up.

    She tried to shift. The blanket grunted and yawned. A moment later, a small ball of witchlight floated near the bedroom door, lighting the room enough for her to see that she was pinned down by Scelties. Vae, Khollie, and Darkmist. Darcy, Keelie, and . . .

    Catching the scent of leather and horses, she twisted to look behind her.

    . . . Lloyd.

    “Let me up.”

    They were awake and watching her. Not one of them moved.

    “I have to pee.Now. Let me up.”

    They jumped off the bed. One of them used Craft to open her door. Darcy and Lloyd took up a position in the hallway, blocking access to anything except the bathroom and other bedrooms on this side of the staircase. Vae and Keelie trotted in front of her. Darkmist and Khollie followed so close behind she was afraid of kicking them if she raised her foot for a normal step. So she shuffled to the bathroom.

    Khollie followed her inside.

    “No,” Cassidy said. “I can do this by myself.”

    Khollie wagged his tail and didn’t move.


    He didn’t move until Vaegrff ed at him.

    She closed the door in their furry faces, but as she prepared to use the toilet, she could sense them—Vae, Darkmist, and Khollie—standing right in front of the door andknew those keen ears would be pricked to catch every sound.

    “Back off,” she growled.

    She’d bet they didn’t take more than one step back. And she’d bet a season’s income that those ears stayed pricked.

    She wasn’t going to win this argument, so she pretended she had privacy and took care of business.

    *Your males want to talk to you,* Vae said when Cassidy opened the door.

    She wasn’t sure she was ready to talk tothem. Not that she had a choice. Darcy and Lloyd took point. Keelie and Khollie blocked her on either side. Vae and Darkmist were behind her in prime herding position.

    Cows and sheep must be terrified to see even one of them coming,Cassidy thought as they escorted her to the big meeting room. They escorted her all the way in, then turned and trotted out, closing the door behind them.

    Her whole First Circle was there, along with Gray and Shira, but Reyhana was not.

    Reyhana had the kind of strength that would attract strong males, the kind of strength that would cause Kermilla to see the girl as a serious rival in a couple of years. Would Kermilla take steps to eliminate a potential rival? It was a possibility.

    And another reason to show my teeth,Cassidy thought.

    A place at the table had been left for her—on the far side, away from the door, and smack in the middle. A not-so-subtle way of telling her that she wasn’t getting out of the room without going through her men.

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