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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(186) by Anne Bishop
  • Keeping his eyes on Cassidy, Ferall called in a sheet of paper and held it out. “How about all of them?”

    Ranon leaned against the wall for support. Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. Ferall had come with the document in hand.

    Cassidy got paler, if that was possible. But she stepped up to the line. “In that case, welcome to Shalador Nehele. Prince Powell?”


    Powell stepped into the room. Must have gotten a sense of trouble and been hovering in the hallway. He wasn’t a fighter, but if it had come down to a fight, Ranon would have locked with Ferall and Powell would have gotten Cassie out of the room.

    “Please review the document Prince Ferall has brought. Then make a copy of it to add to the documents being preserved for us at the Keep.”

    “It will be my pleasure, Lady,” Powell said. “Prince Ferall? If you would come to my office?”

    Ferall studied Cassidy for a moment. “Thank you, Lady. For all of us, thank you.” He followed Powell out of the room.

    The moment Ferall was out of the room, Ranon leaped toward Cassie, grabbing her before her legs buckled. He pulled out a chair. She collapsed into it.

    “Head down, darling,” he said, holding one hand between her shoulder blades as she pressed her forehead against her knees. “Just breathe now. That’s a girl.”

    “Ranon? What did I just do?”

    “You gave a strong man the possibility of a good life.” She’d done a great deal more than that, but he figured she wasn’t ready to hear all of it.

    When she pushed up, he rubbed her back to soothe and comfort. She had a little color in her face, but she looked like she’d had the wind knocked out of her.

    He felt the same way. “You want some tea or brandy or something?”

    “Yes, yes, and yes.”

    Suddenly realizing that Vae had been unnaturally quiet, he looked at the Sceltie, who was staring at the club Cassie had dropped. He closed his hand over the club and vanished it. A Sceltie who knew her Craft probably wouldn’t have any trouble burying a club even when the ground was frozen.

    As he helped Cassie to her feet, he said, “Come on, Vae. You deserve a treat too.”


    Vae definitely sounded grumpy. Well, he’d be grumpy too if he’d come that close to being conked on the head.

    He escorted his two Ladies to the Ladies’ parlor. Within moments, Birdie, Frannie, Elle, and Maydra were all there, fussing over Cassie and Vae. The second time he got stepped on, he took the hint and retreated downstairs to the parlor used by the court.

    By the time he’d poured himself a second brandy, he felt steady enough to consider what had happened—and what it meant.

    They had Ferall on their side. Mother Night, they had Ferall, one of the most savage fighters in Dena Nehele. And they had Hikaeda, Elendill, and Rikoma, along with the other eight Warlord Princes who lived in that Province. And they had that land. That would change a lot of things, because that Province ran from the Tamanara Mountains to the western border. As the largest Province, it also meant that, landwise, Dena Nehele and Shalador Nehele were now equal in size. And the addition of those twelve Warlord Princes serving under Cassie’s hand meant their fighting weight was equal or better to anything Theran could send against them.

    Yes, this would change a lot of things, and he wondered how Theran and Kermilla were going to respond when they found out.

    CHAPTER 43


    Theran stared at the document Archerr had delivered a few minutes ago.

    Hikaeda said he wouldn’t have to wait long for an answer from the Warlord Princes who lived in the Province that bordered the Heartsblood River. He just hadn’t been prepared forthis answer.

    Cassidy now held the leash for twelve more Warlord Princes—including Ferall. Mother Night, she had Ferall on top of Talon and Ranon. Only a fool would stand on a killing field against those three.

    And she had Jared Blaed, who had become a formidable, dominant male, even if he didn’t wear the Jewels or have the power he might have had.

    Now Cassidy controlled the land and income from another Province. The Warlord Princes and Queens justgave it to her. Didn’t they have any loyalty to their own land, their own heritage?

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