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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(198) by Anne Bishop
  • Kermilla backed away from the table. Curling up in a chair, she remained there until Sabrina arrived to take her back to Dharo.

    “Is it done?” Witch asked.

    “It’s done,” the High Lord replied. “Will it make a difference?”

    She rolled up the threads of her tangled web and dropped them in a shallow bowl of witchfire. “That’s up to Kermilla now.”

    CHAPTER 48


    Frustrated and heartsore, Theran sat at his desk, his head braced in his hands.

    What was the point of the other Warlord Princes making him the ruler of Dena Nehele if they weren’t going to work with him, weren’t going to help him?

    They didn’t trust him. That’s what it came down to. As far as they were concerned, his bond with Kermilla had not only fouled his judgment, it had ruined the opportunities they would have had to bring in needed help for their people. And every time his efforts to restore Dena Nehele failed, he lost a little more of their conditional support.

    They wanted the same things people were receiving from Cassidy’s court, so he tried to approach Daemon Sadi about a loan similar to the one Gray had negotiated for Cassidy. Sadi’s coldly civil reply made it clear that Theran would get no help from the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan.

    He tried to contact the Queens in Kaeleer to hire Protocol instructors to teach the courts in Dena Nehele. The Queens didn’t answer him at all.

    He tried to talk to Cassidy, but her First Circle refused to grant him an audience. The only thing he received from that visit was an assurance from Talon that Lady Cassidy had no desire to start a war and no intention to seize any land. The Warlord Princes of Dena Nehele didn’t need to worry about having Lady Cassidy for a neighbor.

    No one wanted to work for him. The people in the town barely spoke to him.

    And too many nights lately, he wondered if the Warlord Princes were waiting for him to fail enough for them to justify using their knives.

    Julien rushed into the study without knocking and thrust an envelope into Theran’s hand. “You have a visitor. Lady Rhahn from the Isle of Scelt. She said you should read the letter before you speak to her.”

    Theran stared at Julien. The butler looked dazed, dazzled, almost giddy with excitement.

    “Read it,” Julien said. “Hell’s fire, man,read .” He sprang for the door. “Refreshments! I should get the Lady some refreshments!”

    He was gone as quickly as he’d come in.

    “What in the name of Hell is wrong with him?” Theran muttered as he broke the black wax seal and removed the single sheet of paper.

    Prince Grayhaven,

    I am aware that you have become the Warlord Prince of Dena Nehele and have taken responsibility for ruling your people. I am also aware that you still need a Queen who can help your people remember Protocol and the Old Ways. Therefore, I have asked Lady Rhahn to stay with you for a year.

    A second chance, Theran. If you turn away from this one, there will be no other.

    Jaenelle Angelline

    Theran folded the letter and vanished it.

    Mother Night. Witch was giving him a second chance.

    He straightened his clothes, ran his fingers through his hair in an effort to tidy it, and sprang to the study door much as Julien had. Then he paused. Would the Warlord Princes accept another Queen from Kaeleer if she was associated with him? Could they ever trust her with the well-being of their people?

    He opened the study door.

    The answer to those questions looked up at him and wagged her tail.

    CHAPTER 49


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