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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(199) by Anne Bishop
  • “It was a lovely wedding, Daughter.” Devra lifted Cassidy’s left hand.

    “And that is a beautiful ring.”

    A lovely, dizzy warmth spread through Cassidy. “Yes, it is.” Not just the amber ring’s design, but what the ring stood for. Something she knew her mother understood.

    She looked at the people milling around the backyard of the Residence and was glad her First Circle had declared the sitting area under the tree to be the Queen’s private spot—a place to catch her breath and a moment’s quiet before talking to the next group of well-wishers.

    “This was supposed to be a small wedding,” she said as she caught sight of her cousin Aaron and his wife Kalush talking with Ranon, Shira, Reyhana, and Janos.

    Devra chuckled. “I imagine it is for a Territory Queen. You managed to limit the guest list to two Warlord Princes and two Queens from each of your Provinces, plus the elders and Tradition Keepers in Eyota, plus your court, family and personal friends. And everyone you invited accepted the invitation.”

    Except Theran.A small nugget of sorrow because of his rejection, but not for herself. Not anymore. Not when her life with Gray would be so full of dreams and challenges and work and love. Most of all, love.

    Her eyes skipped over the crowd, searching for Gray. She found him talking with her father, and there was something in the way they were gesturing . . .

    Devra sighed. “Can’t put those two anywhere near each other before they start talking about work and new projects. I’ll just go over and . . .”

    “No need,” Cassidy murmured, feeling laughter bubble up as she watched Lucivar Yaslana and her cousin Aaron deftly separate her father and husband, herding them in opposite directions. “I wonder. Did Scelties learn to play cows and sheep from Warlord Princes or did Warlord Princes learn from the Scelties?”

    Grinning, she and Devra slipped arms around each other’s waists and went out to meet the next group of well-wishers.

    “Prince Grayhaven and Lady Rhahn have arrived,” Dryden said quietly. “He asked to see you. I put them in the visitor’s parlor.”

    Gray felt the bright joy of his wedding day fade. Cassie had insisted on sending Theran an invitation to the wedding. He was family, and their wedding was about friends and family, and not about courts and boundaries. So he—and the rest of her court—had yielded to her wishes, but no one had been disappointed that Theran hadn’t come.

    He looked over to where Cassie was talking and laughing with a group of women, including Lucivar’s wife, Marian.

    “Let him wait,” Gray said.

    Lucivar chuckled. “Grayhaven can wait until the sun shines in Hell, but Lady Rhahn is a Green-Jeweled Queen. Trust me, boyo. You do not want to keep her waiting.”

    The sharp warning in Lucivar’s eyes had Gray chaining his temper before Ranon or any of the others caught a scent of it. He wasn’t going to spoil this day for any of them, especially Cassie.

    “Go meet her before you say or do something stupid,” Lucivar said.

    Gray handed his glass of sparkling wine to Lucivar. “Here. That way I won’t be tempted to throw it in her face.”

    Lucivar’s roar of laughter wasn’t the reaction he expected, so he slipped into the Residence, more curious now than angry.

    Then he stepped into the visitors’ parlor.

    Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful. The Green-Jeweled Queen was aSceltie?

    “Hello, Gray,” Theran said, sounding uncertain. “May I introduce Lady Rhahn from the Isle of Scelt?”

    “I am honored by the introduction,” Gray replied, bowing as he would to any Queen.

    “Lady, this is my cousin Prince Jared Blaed.”

    Rhahn wagged her tail. *You are called Gray. You are Cassie’s mate now. Are you going to have puppies?*

    “Ah . . .” Was there a safe answer? He sent a psychic spear thread toward Lucivar. *You could have warned me.*

    *Boyo, you have no idea yet. My darling sister sometimes has a wicked sense of justice.*

    *Jaenellesent Rhahn to Dena Nehele?*

    *Who else?*

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