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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(39) by Anne Bishop
  • “We could force open the inner barriers of the lightest Jeweled Warlord and find out everything we want to know,” Archerr said quietly.

    “And become no better than what we fought against all those years?” Talon shook his head. “You don’t do that to anyone but an enemy, and we don’t know yet that these men are enemies.”

    “We know their presence is upsetting Cassidy,” Ranon said.

    “Yes, we know that,” Talon agreed.

    Ranon heard regret—and maybe a little guilt?—in Talon’s voice.

    “When we find out more, we’ll decide what to do about it,” Talon continued. “That’s all. Any information you find out comes to me or Ranon.”

    “And we don’t mention any of this to Theran?” Spere asked.

    Even in the dark, Ranon saw the sadness in Talon’s eyes.

    “We don’t mention this to Theran,” Talon said. “I’m hoping it’s just lust that’s making him stupid, but if he feels the same pull for Kermilla that we feel for Cassidy, we can’t trust him to stand for the Queen he promised to serve.”

    One by one, the men wrapped themselves in sight shields and slipped away until Ranon and Talon were alone.

    “Powell,” Ranon said quietly. “He said something. That’s why you’re giving these orders.” He waited. “What did he say?”

    “He said, ‘It’s starting to feel like old times, isn’t it?’ And may the Darkness have mercy on us, Ranon, I think he’s right.”

    Talon walked away.

    Ranon leaned against the shed, feeling sick.

    It wouldn’t come to that. Itwouldn’t . Not while Cassidy ruled Dena Nehele.

    Theran sat in the parlor, happier than he had ever been.

    Kermilla was wonderful, was everything he dreamed a Queen should be. The sound of her voice quenched a raging thirst inside him, and there was a spot on her neck that had a scent that aroused him and yet gave him peace.

    She had been careful not to say anything outright, but she’d made it clear to him that, having come from an aristo family, the training that had honed her innate abilities as a Queen had been far more extensive than Cassidy’s—the kind of training given to someone destined to be a Territory Queen.

    Damn Ranon for stirring everything up so much that the other men were wary about getting to know her. But they would come around.

    Sooner or later they would recognize the treasure that had come to Grayhaven.

    CHAPTER 10


    She had to get out of here. Her hands shook, her stomach burned, and dinner was nothing but a foul smell in the toilet. She couldn’t do this again, couldn’t watch this happen again.

    She couldn’t stand to hurt this much again.

    Go. Run. Get away from this place.

    Because this time she might lose someone who truly mattered, and it was ripping her heart out.

    This time, betrayal might truly kill her.

    Ranon stood outside Cassidy’s door, trying to leash his rage because hehad to. There was no one else. Theran’s verbal barbs had turned cruel enough to drive Cassidy out of the parlor in tears, so Talon had his hands full controlling Gray and making sure the two cousins didn’t set eyes on each other before tempers had settled. Powell had walked out of the parlor and locked himself in his office. No one was sure what the man was doing in there, but they were all hoping the worst he was doing was getting stinking drunk. And Theran . . .

    Couldn’t the bastard see that Cassidy wasn’t comfortable around Kermilla? But he kept insisting that Cassidy “do her duty” as a Queen and not leave the other Queen without company—especially since Cassidy was the lower-ranking Queen.

    Damn Grayhaven to the bowels of Hell for slipping the verbal knife in every chance he got. Kermilla was pretty; Cassidy was not. Kermilla was vivacious—the kind of Queen who would appeal to the Blood; Cassidy was there because they hadn’t been given a choice. Cassidy wore Rose; Kermilla wore Summer-sky, which made her dominant.

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