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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(44) by Anne Bishop
  • “However, Kermillawas involved in something that harmed Cassidy back in Dharo,” Powell said. “Something that made her feel she was less of a Queen.”

    “The whip that drives Cassie,” Gray said softly.

    “Gray?” Ranon said just as softly. The blankness faded from Gray’s eyes, replaced by a steely anger.

    “When I went up to the Keep to talk to the High Lord, he said the whip that drives Cassie was shaped before she arrived in Dena Nehele—and left scars. That’s why she drained herself too much and got hurt. She was trying to prove she could be a good Queen.”

    “I think we all have a good idea now whose hand held that whip,” Talon said, his voice rumbling like icy gravel.

    “All the more reason to keep Lady Cassidy away from this house while Theran’s guest is in residence,” Shira said.

    Talon looked at Powell, who nodded.

    “All right,” Talon said. “We’ll go to Eyota, and we’ll go with the assumption we won’t be coming back to Grayhaven, whether we stay in that village or not. And we have to move fast.”

    “Yes,” Powell said. “It would be best if we depart before Theran realizes Cassidy is gone. And it would be best not to leave any of the court’s records behind.”

    A long beat of silence.

    “What are you saying?” Ranon asked.

    “That for a Queen who rules a small village in another Realm and is supposed to be a guest, Lady Kermilla is asking inappropriate questions about the tithes a Queen here could expect.” Powell looked at Talon, whose mouth thinned to a grim line.

    Watching the two men, Ranon wondered what else the Steward might be telling the Master of the Guard.

    “We work the same way as if we needed to make a fast move from one camp to another,” Talon said. “Grab your personal gear first. Make sure you take what you don’t want to lose. That goes for all of you. Bardric, Cayle, and Radley, you’re in charge of getting our horses and tack. Get them saddled and down to the gate. Use aural shields around their feet to keep the hooves silent.”

    “Done,” Cayle said, looking at Bardric and Radley, who both nodded.

    “Archerr. Spere. You’ll give Shira a hand packing up the Healer’s supplies.” Talon looked at the Healer. “We can’t take anything that belongs to this house, only what you’ve acquired on behalf of the court.”

    “Understood,” Shira said, getting to her feet.


    “The honey pears,” Gray said, breaking whatever Talon was about to say. “We aren’t leaving the honey pears withher. ”

    “We can’t take them all, Gray,” Ranon said.

    A slashing look was Gray’s only response.

    “Shaddo, you give Gray a hand,” Talon said. “The honey pear that was planted in the wish pot stays here. Gray, if you’d feel easier taking the other twelve, then bring them. Ranon, once you pack your gear, you’ll give Powell a hand with the court papers.”

    “Yes, sir,” Ranon said.

    “Burne. Haele. You back up anyone who needs help. And keep watch. No reason to think the guests will be up this early, but I want the rest of you on your way before I inform Theran.”

    “You’re going to tell him?” Powell asked.

    “He’s Cassidy’s First Escort,” Talon replied. “He needs to know where his Queen is residing. And there are a few other things Prince Grayhaven needs to know.”

    They all heard the threat under the words.

    “Move,” Talon said.

    “A moment of your time, Talon,” Powell said, rising.

    “We’ll talk while you start packing.”

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