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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(49) by Anne Bishop
  • “Oh,” Cassidy said. Then her eyes popped open and she jackknifed to a sitting position. “Thecourt is here?”

    “Mostly,” Gray said. “Talon hasn’t arrived yet.”

    “Your bedroom is ready,” Shira said. “What you need now is more sleep. After your bath, toast, and scrambled eggs.”

    “I can . . .” What? She was pretty sure she wasn’t hungover, but she wasn’t feeling smart either. “I can stay here.”

    *You are in the way,* Vae said. *But we are not supposed to tell you that because you are the Queen.*

    “Come on, darling,” Gray said, snorting in the effort not to laugh out loud. “Let’s get you up to bed.”

    “I can—”

    Gray hauled her to her feet. She felt a lot more tipsy now that she was standing up, so she didn’t protest when Gray wrapped an arm around her waist and steered her toward the hallway and the stairs.

    “Ranon, give me a hand,” Gray said when they reached the stairs.

    “If he puts his hands on my ass and pushes, I’ll punch him,” Cassidy said.

    “That’s not much of a threat when you can’t keep your eyes open long enough to see him,” Gray said.

    “I can . . .”


    Thattone of voice coming from Gray woke her up.

    Something in those green eyes. Something that warned her this was one of those times a smart woman yielded to male sensibilities.

    “Are you going to swear at me?” she asked.

    A slow smile, male and satisfied, because the question told him he had won. “I’m thinking about it.”

    So she had a bath. She had toast and scrambled eggs. And she asked one question.

    “Is there anything I need to know about today?”

    Shira pulled back the covers on the bed. “Not today.”

    She got into bed and let the world slip away for a few more hours.

    “I took the liberty of composing a note on the Queen’s behalf, and asked Spere to deliver it to the Keep,” Powell said.

    Ranon frowned. “Why alert them that there’s trouble?”

    “To avoid the potential for more trouble. And to prevent the messenger coming from Kaeleer from delivering Cassidy’s correspondence at Grayhaven. They’re going to know sooner or later. I thought it better to make the move sound matter-of-fact.”

    Ranon glanced at the clock on the mantel. Where in the name of Hell was Talon? Yes, he was the last man out, but riding the Sapphire Wind, he should have arrived right behind them.

    Janos tapped on the door of the room Powell was using as a temporary office until they worked out the logistics of having a court take up long-term residence in a building that wasn’t meant to hold a court.

    “A messenger arrived with this,” he said, holding out a wax-sealed note to Ranon. “It’s for you.”

    He broke the seal. Simple message. “ ‘Gone to ground,’ ” he read. “ ‘Will join you this evening. Talon.’ ”

    “A prudent decision,” Powell said.

    Ranon placed a hand on Powell’s shoulder and smiled. “So was sending that message to the Keep.”

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