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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(80) by Anne Bishop
  • Daemon looked away, and Gray got the impression that Sadi was trying to decide about something more important than a couple of buildings and some merchandise.

    Then Daemon rose and came around the desk. “Let’s go down the road and spend some time in Halaway. It’s a small village and some of the shops there should give us all a reference point.”

    “Okay,” Gray said as he and Ranon stood up and followed Daemon to the door.

    A quick knock. The door opened.

    Daemon froze midstep. His nostrils flared as Jaenelle walked into the room—and the gold eyes that now looked at Gray and Ranon held a barely controlled savagery.

    “Daemon,” Jaenelle said softly.

    Daemon stared at the two men and snarled.


    Those gold eyes focused on her.

    She, in turn, smiled at Gray and Ranon.

    *Mother Night, Gray, I can smell moon’s blood,* Ranon said. *We have to get out of this room before he kills us.*


    Ranon gave no answer, since moving toward the door meant moving toward Jaenelle, and that would be a lethal mistake.

    Then two other males entered the room and stopped on either side of Jaenelle at the same time Daemon stepped closer to her.

    Still smiling at Gray and Ranon, Jaenelle said, “I believe you know my little brother, Ladvarian.”

    Gray hadn’t met the Red-Jeweled Sceltie Warlord when Ladvarian and Khardeen came to Eyota, but he nodded anyway.

    She hooked an arm around her other companion’s neck. “And this pretty kitty is Prince Kaelas.”

    The “pretty kitty” was a white, huge Warlord Prince who wore a Red Jewel—and wasn’t half as terrifying as Daemon at that moment.

    “You have some business to take care of this afternoon?” Jaenelle released Kaelas and turned toward Daemon.

    “It can be postponed,” he said in a croon that produced a chill down Gray’s spine.

    “There’s no reason for that,” Jaenelle replied. “At this moment, Beale and Holt are in my private garden, arranging a lounge chair in the shady spot, Mrs. Beale is making a pitcher of that fruit punch I enjoy drinking in warm weather, Ladvarian and Kaelas are going to keep me company, and . . .” She called in a book and held it up between them. “I have Fiona’s new Tracker and Shadow novel to read.”

    Daemon studied his wife through narrowed eyes. “In other words, you have no use for me this afternoon.”

    “No use at all.”

    The words could have been cutting to a man in love, but not when they were accompanied by the look in Jaenelle’s gorgeous eyes as she smiled at Daemon and gave his face a brief caress.

    A code, Gray thought. Like the one he and Cassie had.

    “You’ll bring our guests back for dinner,” Jaenelle said.

    Daemon hesitated. “As my Lady wishes.”

    *He doesn’t want us anywhere near her, but he won’t hesitate to hurt us if we decline her invitation,* Ranon said.

    *Did you read the section in the Protocol book that covers this situation? * Gray asked.

    *Yes. Thank the Darkness.*

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