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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(81) by Anne Bishop
  • “Gentlemen,” Jaenelle said before she left the room with Ladvarian and Kaelas.

    “Shall we go?” Daemon asked.

    He didn’t wait for an answer, so they followed him out of the Hall.

    Daemon stopped at the edge of Halaway and waited for his companions to catch up. Gray and Ranon had been trailing after him since he’d walked out of the Hall and headed for the village on foot. He had needed the movement, had needed to burn off some of the temper. When Saetan had contacted him to find out if he was willing to host Gray and Ranon, he’d warned his father that Jaenelle’s moontime was close and he might not respond well to male visitors.

    Jaenelle had decided that the visit shouldn’t be postponed.

    Daemon frowned. Gray and Ranon immediately stopped walking.

    He sighed. “It’s all right. I’m steady now and won’t eviscerate you for being in the same room as my wife.” But in the moment before Jaenelle had said “Prince” in a tone he recognized as a command, he had considered it.

    Ah, well. At least he could tell Saetan that two of Cassidy’s court had paid attention to the additional notes about how Warlord Princes reacted to the scent of moon’s blood and how to avoid provoking an attack.

    “You could have told us not to come,” Gray said when he reached Daemon.

    “My Lady decided otherwise,” Daemon replied.

    “So . . . no choice.”

    “None. But if it makes you feel any better, Ladvarian and Kaelas didn’t object to your presence today. Since those two didn’t see you as a threat to the Lady, I can keep my temper leashed.”

    “What kind of cat is Kaelas?” Ranon asked.

    “Arcerian,” Daemon replied. “In fact, he’s the Warlord Prince of Arceria. All eight hundred pounds of him.”

    “Mother Night.”

    He liked these men, and while he wanted them to be careful during their stay at the Hall, he saw no reason to frighten them. So unless it became necessary, he wouldn’t tell them what a Red-Jeweled Warlord Prince of Kaelas’s size, speed, and strength could do to a human body when he got pissed off.

    “Let’s take a look at the village,” Daemon said.

    It was a small, healthy village, prosperous enough to take care of itself and the people within its boundaries.

    Daemon noted the way that the males who were simply going about their business went on alert at the sight of strangers—and relaxed when they realized the strangers were with him. He noted how the village guards came trotting past to get a look at the strangersdespite Gray and Ranon being with him.

    “Does this village often see trouble?” Ranon asked when Gray stopped at a bookshop window and stared at the display, damn near vibrating with excitement.

    “No,” Daemon replied. “Considering its proximity to the Hall, if trouble starts here and the Queen’s court can’t handle it, I will.”

    “But all the males are ready to defend.”

    “It is our nature, Ranon.”

    The shop door opened and Sylvia walked out. She wore a sleeveless shirt tucked into a pair of knee-length trousers and sandals. Her short black hair looked deliberately mussed enough to be called sassy, and there wasn’t a single thing besides her psychic scent that would give anyone a clue that she was the Queen of Halaway.

    Daemon moved to join Gray, who had turned away from the window and given Sylvia a quick, assessing look before smiling brightly.

    “Good afternoon, Lady,” Gray said.

    Sylvia narrowed her gold eyes. “You look familiar, but not.”

    “May I introduce Prince Jared Blaed Grayhaven and Prince Ranon,” Daemon said. “They’re here visiting from Dena Nehele. Gentlemen, this is Lady Sylvia.”

    Gray frowned at him. “You didn’t introduce her as a Queen.”

    Proof enough that Gray was far more perceptive than his cousin when it came to recognizing caste.

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