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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(82) by Anne Bishop
  • He glanced at Sylvia, who gave him a tiny nod. “You’re right. I didn’t. Lady Sylvia rules Halaway and prefers to be informal in her home village unless formality is required.”

    Gray beamed at Sylvia. “That’s the way Cassie wants things to be in Eyota. The Shaladorans are pretty comfortable with that because they’re used to their Queens living among them, so I think she’s happier living where we do now than she was when we were in Grayhaven.”

    Hell’s fire, Daemon thought as he looked at Sylvia’s slightly stunned expression and swallowed the urge to laugh. The earnest young Warlord Prince who had asked him for a loan had changed into a two-legged puppy.

    “I met someone else named Grayhaven recently,” Sylvia said.

    “Jared Blaed and Theran are cousins,” Daemon said.

    Sylvia’s smile had sharp edges. “And how is Theran getting along with Vae?”

    “Oh, Vae lives with Cassie and me now,” Gray said. “So does Khollie, but that’s because Ranon and Shira live in the Queen’s Residence with us.”

    “Well, that must make story time easier for all of you, since the humans can take turns.”

    “Story time?”

    Ah, no, Sylvia,Daemon thought. But he wasn’t going to stop her.

    “You don’t know about story time?” Sylvia asked, widening her eyes. When Gray shook his head, she opened the bookshop door and called to someone inside. “Do you have any copies ofUnicorn to the Rescue orSceltie Saves the Day ?” She turned back to Gray. “How many Scelties live with you?”

    “There are thirteen in our village,” Gray said, looking back at Daemon.

    Finally figured out something is going on, haven’t you, boyo?Of course, it was much too late todo anything about it, but it was always good for a man to recognize when he was in trouble.

    “What?” Sylvia leaned into the shop, then back out. “Oh, good. They also have a couple of copies ofDragon and the Dangerous Deed. ”

    “I don’t think . . .” Ranon began.

    “A gift,” Sylvia said. “Enjoy your visit, gentlemen. Prince Sadi.”

    Daemon watched her hurry away and duck into a shop a couple of doors down from the bookshop. He huffed out a breath. “While we’re in the shop, there are a few other books you might find entertaining.” The Tracker and Shadow books were adventures or mysteries for most readers, but anyone who dealt with a Sceltie also found them instructional.

    “She was laughing when she went into that other shop,” Gray said as Daemon led the two men into the bookshop. “Why was she laughing?”

    “Once you show those books to any Sceltie, you’ll understand,” Daemon replied dryly.And may the Darkness have mercy on you.

    He let them look around while he selected a few books that he thought Cassidy would enjoy since Jaenelle or Marian had liked them. Ranon showed polite interest, but Gray loved books and stories, and kept delaying so that he could see “just one more thing.” Daemon ended up selecting a few more books for them to take back to Eyota and then hauled Gray out of the shop so they could see more of the village.

    Gray showed a boyish enthusiasm for everything he saw except, oddly, the bakery, which he glanced at and then bolted past. Ranon’s emotions were more contained and more intense—especially when Daemon showed the Shaladoran the music shop. The place sold sheet music and instruments that spanned the Territories in Kaeleer, as well as the music crystals that had audio spells.

    He didn’t tell them Jaenelle owned this shop, which was the reason it had such an eclectic variety of music—and why it had an attached room with a small stage for performances. Twice a month, she joined the musicians and sang there—and on those nights, there was never an empty chair.

    He mentioned the performances and pointed out the nearby tavern and coffee shop. Ranon appreciated the potential businesses. Gray was more dazzled by the small courtyards that were shady gathering places accented with flower beds.

    By the time they settled at a table in one of those courtyards with glasses of ale and a plate of sandwiches, Daemon had a very good idea what kind of businesses would do well in Eyota.

    “All right, gentlemen . . .” he began.

    “It’s the boy.”

    Daemon rose at the sound of that female voice and was pleased that Gray and Ranon responded just as quickly.

    “Tersa,” he said warmly as he kissed her cheek. Her long black hair was always as tangled as her mind, but it gave him comfort to know she could wander around this village and be safe. “Would you join us?”

    “You are trying to feed me,” she accused.

    Of course he was. Even having a journeymaid Black Widow living with her, Tersa still didn’t remember to eat when her mind traveled its own strange paths.

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