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  • Shalador's Lady(Black Jewels,Book 8)(90) by Anne Bishop
  • “The best Mrs. Beale could do in the time,” Holt said.

    Daemon handed the basket to Jaenelle and took the driver’s seat while Holt closed the door and moved away from the landing web.

    Jaenelle took the seat beside Daemon, still holding the basket. “Did Lucivar say anything?”

    “He’s scared, he’s grieving, and he’s in pain.”

    She didn’t ask anything else.

    He raised the Coach off the landing web, caught the Black Wind, and raced to Ebon Rih as fast as the Black could take them.

    “Wait until I set this thing down,” Daemon snapped as Jaenelle started to rise from her seat. “If you fall off the damn mountain, you won’t help any of us.”

    She gave him a look that normally produced a cold sweat. He ignored the look, just as he ignored the odd way his hands trembled when he remembered the way Lucivar sounded.

    Couldn’t think about that. One of them needed to be the warrior who could draw the line and defend it. It didn’t sound like Lucivar was in any shape to defend anything, including himself.

    Especially himself.

    Daemon opened the Coach door, and they both rocked back from the emotions flooding from the eyrie above them.

    “Can you deal with him?” Jaenelle asked.

    “I’ll deal.”

    She left the Coach and raced up the stairs. He stayed a couple of steps behind her so he wouldn’t trip her. She ran past Lucivar, who was standing in the flagstone courtyard in front of the eyrie—standing so perfectly still, as if even a deep breath might shatter him.

    Daemon approached his brother slowly, cautiously. “Lucivar.”

    Lucivar continued to stare straight ahead, but one tear slipped down his face.

    Daemon did a fast psychic probe of the eyrie and surrounding land. Marian and Nurian, the Eyrien Healer, were inside with Jaenelle. But the other two people he’d expected to find were missing. *Father?* he called on a Black spear thread.

    *Daemonar is with me at the Keep,* Saetan said. *Take care of Lucivar.*

    *Done.* Knowing the boy was safe, he focused once again on his brother. “Lucivar?”

    “Miscarriage.” Lucivar’s voice broke. “We lost the baby.”

    Mother Night.“I’m sorry.”

    Daemon brushed a finger over Lucivar’s shoulder, an offer of contact with no expectations. A moment later, he was holding on to a sobbing man.

    “Is it my fault, Daemon?” Lucivar asked. “Is it my fault?”

    “How could it be?” Daemon stroked Lucivar’s hair and added another layer to the soothing spells he was wrapping around his brother.

    “Sh-she got pregnant during the rut. You know what we’re like during that time.You know. Maybe I damaged her inside. Maybe . . .”

    “Shh.” Daemon rocked him gently. Rocked and soothed. He had a feeling Saetan was doing much the same thing with a frightened little boy. “Shh.”

    He wouldn’t let Lucivar say it, wouldn’t let Lucivar keep thinking that. But it was possible, and they both knew it. That was part of the pain. Until Nurian—or more to the point, Jaenelle—said otherwise, it was a possibility.

    The tears finally eased, but Lucivar still clung to him. Since he was facing the eyrie, he saw Jaenelle first.

    “Prick,” he whispered.

    Lucivar straightened up, wiped his eyes, and turned toward her. Jaenelle studied Lucivar. “If you’ve been out here grieving, that’s fine. If you’ve been out here blaming yourself, you’re going to piss off your wife as well as your sister.”

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