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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(7) by Anne Bishop
  • The brilliance of an idea dazzled her for a moment.

    “Well,” she said, “I was curious about that book, especially now that I know the things in there about the Blood are very silly. But I don’t want the frustration of those stuck-together pages.” And she was going to send Daemon a blistering letter about tricks that almost backfire.

    No. Not Daemon. She’d send a note to Uncle Saetan. He may have retired from being the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan, he may have taken up residence at the Keep as a retreat from the living Realms, but he was still the patriarch of the SaDiablo family, and no one could flay an erring son with a look or a phrase as well as the High Lord of Hell.

    Cheered by the thought, she almost didn’t respond in time when Rainier said, “I could read the story to you, if that would be pleasing.”

    “I’d like that.” She stepped back. “I’m going to freshen up first. Could you see about getting some food we could nibble on?”

    A relaxed smile and a look of pleased anticipation in his eyes. “I could do that.”

    As she climbed the stairs to her room on the second floor, Surreal considered how annoying the evening might have been. She would have wanted to read the book; Rainier would have wanted some way to look after her, and his need to fuss would have scraped on her temper. Now, with him reading the story to her, they could talk about it and laugh over it, and they would both have an enjoyable, entertaining evening.

    She paused outside the door of her room to consider everything that had happened.

    One spell, designed to annoy her just enough. One man, who understood the nature of Warlord Princes all too well.

    Since Daemon had found a clever way to take care of herand Rainier, maybe she wouldn’t send that note to Uncle Saetan after all.

    She shook her head and smiled as she walked into her bedroom. “Sneaky bastard.”


    Early morning. Cool air against his bare skin—air that held the promise of heat later in the day.

    No longer sleeping and not quite awake, Daemon breathed in the scent of his wife, his love, his Queen, and breathed out a sigh of contentment. His hand caressed Jaenelle’s thigh, traveled up her belly. Not to arouse, just to confirm that she was here, was real. It wasn’t something he took for granted.

    Then his hand moved higher, curved around a breast, and he smiled with pleasure at the feel of that warm, round flesh against his palm and the caress of soft, thick fur against the back of his hand.


    Fully awake now, he opened his golden eyes halfway. He tried straightening his legs, but the weight that was pressed against the back of his knees gave an annoyed grunt followed by a sleepy yawn.

    Ladvarian. The Sceltie was a Red-Jeweled Warlord and the most trusted liaison between human Blood and kindred, who were the Blood of the nonhuman races that lived in Kaeleer. He’d been a puppy when he’d decided Jaenelle belonged to him as his Queen and had come to live with her at the Hall. Years later, he’d been the stubborn heart that had rallied the kindred to do the impossible and save Jaenelle when she’d been torn apart by the power she had unleashed to stop a war.

    The kindred had developed a fine sense of whennot to come into the bedroom, but Daemon had gotten so used to some of their psychic scents that their presence no longer roused him from sleep when they slipped into the room.

    Didn’t mean it didn’t annoy him to wake up and discover company in his wife’s bed. Especially since the bed was big enough to be a small room and there was no reason to be crowding him. Unless…

    He raised his head and looked at the bed’s fourth occupant.

    Kaelas lay on his back, sprawled over the large bed. Eight hundred pounds of limp Arcerian cat. An enormous blanket of white fur.

    Kaelas stared at him through half-lidded eyes. Daemon couldn’t decide if it was a deliberate imitation of his own look or lazy arrogance.

    Daemon bared his teeth, a show of dominance.

    Kaelas bared his teeth, leaving no doubt thathis teeth were more impressive.

    Contentment vanished. Temper scratched. It didn’t matter that Kaelas wasn’t a rival lover. It didn’t matter that he usually tolerated the cat’s presence, acknowledging that the Red-Jeweled Warlord Prince was one of Jaenelle’s fiercest protectors. What mattered was that on this particular morning, he, who was Jaenelle’s husband, didn’t want to share her bed witha damn cat !

    The feelings swelled, bubbled up, demanded an outlet.

    Daemon snarled, using Craft to let that soft sound roll through the room like thunder.

    Kaelas snarled, not needing Craft to fill the room.

    Then Jaenelle snarled.

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