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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(101) by Anne Bishop
  • “But…I’m just a boy.”

    “I know,” Lucivar said gently. “I can’t let that matter. Not right now.”

    The boy wilted.

    A sweet child, killed for a game.

    Lucivar set the pack down, then reached into the pouch of healing supplies he had hooked to his belt. He withdrew a small, stoppered bottle and held it out. “Here. It’s lamb, not human, but it’s undiluted blood. It will keep your power from fading, at least for a little while.”

    “Will you hurt me if I take it?”

    His temper flashed to the killing edge for a moment before he chained it back. “No, I won’t hurt you.”

    Wonderful dialogue. Just wonderful! Who would have thought such a gem would come from theEyrien ? He would have to put a scene in the book where Landry Langston meets the boy. It would be so sad, so moving, so…wonderful.

    The boy took the bottle and gulped down the blood. Wasn’t more than a couple of swallows, but he looked like he’d been given a feast. He almost started licking the inside of the bottle, then stopped as if suddenly remembering his manners. He replaced the stopper and handed the bottle back.

    “Puppy, do you know who thecildru dyathe are?” Lucivar asked.

    “Dead children,” the boy replied. “If you’re a good boy, you get to go to a nice place for a while before you become a whisper in the Darkness. But if you’re bad…” He looked around the hallway.

    You bastard. You not only killed this boy, but you told him he deserved to be here?Compared with here, he supposed, thecildru dyathe ’s island in Hellwas a nice place.

    “Who killed you?” The question was blunt, and his voice had hardened with the strain of keeping his temper leashed. This boy didn’t deserve seeing his temper.

    Instant terror. The boy knew who had killed him, and even now was too afraid to say.

    Not likely the boy had any training in the psychic communication the Blood used, but anyone who was Bloodcould do it to some degree. “Look at me and think the answer as loud as you can in your head.”

    Jarvis Jenkell.

    Barely a whisper. If he hadn’t been focused on the boy, he wouldn’t have heard it. Now he had confirmation for Daemon about who had set up this trap for them.

    “I don’t remember his name,” the boy lied, “but he’s very famous.”

    “As of this moment, he’s walking carrion. That’s a promise.” Lucivar took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “This is another promise. I have to help the living first, but if there’s a way to break you free of these spells and get you out of this house before we tear it apart, my brother and I will do it.”


    Lucivar picked up the pack and moved into the front hallway, aware of the boy following him.

    “Those are bad stairs. They have a trick.”

    He looked at the stairs, then back at the boy. “What’s the trick?”

    “You can see the hallway down there, but you can’t reach it. You end up someplace else.”

    “Have you seen a witch and a Warlord Prince?”

    The boy nodded. “They went down the stairs. They disappeared.”

    “They have any children with them?”


    Which meant three of the children who had come in with Surreal and Rainier were now among the dead.

    “You didn’t warn them about the stairs?”

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