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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(110) by Anne Bishop
  • But he withstood the strike, never moving, and when that lash of power was done…

    She could feel all the spells trying to close the gap in the wall, chewing on the Ebon-gray power shielding the hole, in an effort to cut off the possibility of escape.

    Lucivar reached into the pouch hanging from his belt, pulled out a ball of clay, and tossed it to Rainier.

    “Jaenelle made a slide. You need to rub blood on the clay to trigger the spell.” Lucivar’s eyes raked over Rainier. “That won’t be a problem.”

    “No need to get pissy about it,” Surreal muttered.

    His eyes sliced over to her. “I’ll deal with you later.”

    "Surreal, don’t push him," Rainier whispered. He hobbled over to the hole in the wall and blooded the clay. When he set it on the bottom of the hole, the slide appeared, looking like a clay-colored cloud.

    “Rainier, you take one of the girls and go,” Lucivar said. “You two boys go next. Surreal, you’ll help them get on the slide. Then you’ll go with the other girl.”

    “I should—” Rainier began.

    “Most wounded, first out,” Lucivar said.

    No arguing withthat voice.

    Rainier, the fool, argued anyway. “Surreal has been poisoned.”

    Oh, shit.If Lucivar was pissed off before, now he wasreally pissed off.

    Lucivar stared at Rainier. “Go,” he said too softly.

    Surreal dropped the poker, dragged Dayle out of the corner, and brought her over to the hole.

    Rainier was cursing softly and viciously as he got into position on the slide. She settled Dayle on his right side. As he put his arm around the girl, Surreal looked at the end of the slide and saw Jaenelle and Daemon waiting.

    The poison blurred her vision, and she was glad. She really didn’t want a clear look at Sadi’s face right now.

    She gave Rainier and Dayle a push, then watched them slide on air until they passed over the wrought-iron fence and all the tangled spells that had held them captive in this house.

    By the time she got the boys on the slide and started them down, the hole Lucivar had made in the wall was half the size. The spells around the house were closing the hole, and there was no doubt in her mind that anyone left in the house when that hole closed completely wouldn’t be coming out. Ever.


    His head was turned, as if he was listening to something behind him. But there was nothing but blank wall behind him.

    “Take the girl,” he said. “Go.”

    “The hole is closing up. The three of us need to gonow. ”

    He looked at her and snarled.

    She couldn’t reach him. He would never listen. Not to her.

    He’ll listen to Jaenelle.

    She grabbed Sage and hustled to the hole, ignoring the way her feet couldn’t seem to find the floor. Since Lucivar wasn’t going to leave until she was gone, she needed to get herself and the girl outfast.

    The poison made the ride down a little too exciting, and she felt giddy when Daemon helped her off the slide and set her on firm, unspelled ground.

    “What—?” Jaenelle said, her voice sharp.

    Then Daemon roared,“No!”

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