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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(111) by Anne Bishop
  • She saw Lucivar framed by the rapidly shrinking hole as he turned back toward something in the house.

    A moment later, the hole closed and the exit was sealed shut.


    He had time, Surreal thought as she stared at the solid wall.

    He could have gotten out. Why in the name of Hell had Lucivar turned back?

    Thunder rolled over the house and shook the ground. She wasn’t sure if that was Daemon’s temper being given voice or Jaenelle’s.

    But it was Daemon who bared his teeth in a snarl and wrapped one hand around a wrought-iron spike. She thought he was going to rip away a piece of fence. He was furious enough that he might not even need Craft to do it.

    Instead, a section of fence suddenly fell to the ground, nothing more than a pile of metal shavings. That was a quieter—and more frightening—indication of the power and fury that had just blasted out of the man.

    Then Daemon was running toward the house’s front door.

    Jaenelle leaped to follow him, hit a Black shield, and bounced back. “Daemon!Daemon! ”

    He didn’t stop, didn’t even check his stride—but the shield came down, and Jaenelle ran to catch up to him.

    “Go,” Rainier said. “Help her stop him. I’ll shield the children.”

    She ran. The poison seemed to slow her down a little more with every step, but she ran.

    He’d reached the covered entranceway. Once he opened that door…

    “Daemon!” Jaenelle shouted.

    He spun to face her, his face filled with barely controlled fury.

    “I amnot leaving my brother in that house!”

    “Of course we’re not leaving him in that house,” Jaenelle snapped. “But—”


    Surreal staggered. Stopped. Spun around as the side of the house exploded. "Rainier?"

    "I’ve got a shield around us.Shit! I’ll layer the shields."

    Debris rained down as a dark shape shot skyward with the speed of an arrow released from the bow. Past the fence and high above the trees beyond the property line.

    Then those dark wings spread, pumped, caught the air, and began a wide circle back to the front door, where Daemon and Jaenelle waited.

    “Who did Lucivar bring out with him?” Jaenelle asked, shading her eyes with one hand.

    He’s an idiot, whoever he is,Surreal thought, hurrying to join Jaenelle and Daemon. The man, who was held by one wrist, was flailing around trying to get free. Lucivar was still high enough to skim over rooftops. If he let go, the fool would end up with broken bones or get impaled on the fence.

    A gliding descent. The man’s feet barely cleared the fence. Then Lucivar backwinged, dropped his prey, and landed lightly on the walkway.

    “Look what I found,” Lucivar said. His mouth curved in a savage smile as he looked at Daemon. “I think it’s a little writer-mouse who’s been scurrying in the walls.”

    Daemon’s golden eyes became glazed and sleepy. He purred, “Jarvis Jenkell.”

    “I built this house as research for a novel,” Jenkell said, sounding belligerent. “No one was forced to go inside.”

    “You sent us invitations,” Daemon said.

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