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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(116) by Anne Bishop
  • The white cat filled the stairs, and Jarvis wondered which was going to be worse—the illusions that couldn’t physically hurt him or the predators that could.

    Daemon stepped out of the Coach and felt some of the tension ease out of his muscles as he looked at SaDiablo Hall.

    Jaenelle joined him, slipping her arm through his.

    "How bad is it really?" He’d been busy with other things while they’d remained in the village, and then had to focus on driving the Coach home, so he hadn’t asked before. Hadn’t been ready to be told.

    "They’ll both heal."

    "Rainier was a dancer." He remembered Lucivar’s words before they parted.With help from a good Healer, severed muscle will heal; a completely severed limb won’t, no matter how good the Healer is.

    "He’s still a dancer," Jaenelle said. "He’ll hobble for a while, but he’ll dance again. I’ll make sure of it."

    "And Surreal?"

    After deciding that the four surviving children would be better off staying with their parents rather than being taken to another strange house, Jaenelle had quickly made up four packets of a mild sedative that would let the children sleep through the night. While Tersa looked after Surreal and Rainier, and Jaenelle dealt with the healings, Daemon and Lucivar had returned the children to their parents, and then went to the orphans’ home to pick up Yuli’s belongings.

    A pathetically small bundle. A diminished life for a bright boy. Who was Yuli’s mother, his father? Had they hidden him away because he had the potential to be Blood or because he didn’t? Would he become a bitter man someday because his heritage hadn’t been acknowledged?

    Daemon could have sympathized with Jarvis Jenkell. He might have enjoyed discussing stories with him if they had met at a party. Or he might have hated the man for being a pompous ass. Either way, he would have acknowledged Jenkell as Blood.

    If the man hadn’t played out this game.

    Even then, he might have been willing to overlook—to some degree—the man’s suicidal attempt to play games with some of the darkest Blood in the Realm.

    If the man hadn’t killed children to do it.

    If the man hadn’t hurt Surreal and Rainier.

    "She’ll heal," Jaenelle said.

    "She sounds like a cranky child." And that scared him because it made her sound weak and diminished. Once he was sure she would recover, she could bitch and whine as much as she wanted. Until then, the sound was going to scrape nerves already raw from worry.

    "She has a fever, the poison is draining out of those wounds and hurts, and she’s feeling pretty miserable. On top of that, she thinks we’re treating her like a child by making her stay here instead of letting her go back to the town house in Amdarh. Of course she’s cranky. And she’s figuring that as soon as she’s feeling better, you and Lucivar are going to chew on her for getting hurt."

    For a woman with a fever, Surreal did have a good grasp of where things stood. Which made him feel better. If she understood that much, her brain was still working.

    Beale opened the door. Footmen hurried out to bring Surreal and Rainier into the house.

    Daemon stepped aside, bringing Jaenelle with him.

    “They’re going to need me for the rest of the day,” she said.

    He nodded. “I have tasks of my own to deal with.” Including figuring out what to do with a young boy.

    Yuli followed Tersa out of the Coach. He looked so young, so scared, despite a fragile show of bravery.

    “Boy,” Tersa said. She walked up to Daemon, pressed a hand against his cheek, and smiled. “You did well, boy.”

    “Will you make some of your surprises for my spooky house?” Jaenelle asked.

    Tersa looked at Jaenelle, then looked at him—and walked away without answering.

    Jaenelle patted his arm and whispered, “If she answered, it wouldn’t be a surprise.” Then she held out her other hand to Yuli. “Let’s find you a room for a day or two.”

    They’d barely gotten into the great hall when four Sceltie puppies came running up to greet them. Three bounced and yapped and wagged tails at everyone before running back to whatever puppy game they’d been playing.

    The fourth one planted his little white feet on Yuli’s foot and said, "My boy!"

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