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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(26) by Anne Bishop
  • Another long silence. “My apologies, High Lord,” Jaenelle said quietly. “I didn’t see this as you did, didn’t consider the consequences if people believed this was anything other than make-believe. We’ll close the house. Put an end to it.”

    He shook his head. “You can’t. The idea has already taken root, and the news thatLady Angelline ”—he saw her wince—“is creating a spooky house as an autumnal entertainment has spread to Blood and landen villages alike. I’m sure Daemon and Lucivar will help you control the crowds—”

    “Crowds?” She looked alarmed.

    “And Daemon will handle any complaints from the Queens who are dealing with the visitors flooding into the surrounding villages.”

    “Complaints? Visitors?”

    He crossed his arms over his chest. “What did you expect? Just a handful of children from the landen village where the house is located?”


    His heart ached with love and exasperation. “Then you really have no idea what you’ve done.” Sighing, he ran his fingers through his hair. “Very well, witch-child. I’ll give you your funny sound. But I want a favor in exchange.”

    She tipped her head and waited.

    “Somewhere in your spooky house, let there be one thing that will show those children who and what we really are, that will show them what they face when they stand before the Blood.”


    “Then let’s find a room that’s a little more private.”

    There were only the two of them in the library, but Geoffrey could return at any moment.

    His face burned with embarrassment as he walked to the door, and he knew that, even with his light brown skin, color visibly flamed his cheeks. He would do this, not just because Jaenelle asked it of him, but because someone else’s sensibilities were at stake.

    “I promise, Papa. No one will know it’s you,” Jaenelle said as she stopped at the door.

    “Thank you,” he replied faintly.

    She looked at him. Then she looked at the table stacked with books. Her lips curved in a wicked smile. “If you want us to keep pretending that you’re sorting old books whenever we come by to chat, you shouldn’t slam them on the table. We all know you wouldn’t do that to a book that was truly ancient and fragile.”

    He closed his eyes and promised himself that he would not whimper. “You all know?”

    “Well, I don’t think any of the boyos have figured it out, but all of the coven knows.”

    May the Darkness have mercy on me.

    “Come on, Papa. Let’s gobwaa ha ha. ”

    Daemon tucked the tip of his tongue between his teeth and bit down hard enough to keep himself from saying something stupid.

    If he’d walked in on his father having sex—when Saetan was still physically capable of having sex—it would have been less embarrassing than hearingthat voice say“bwaa ha ha.”

    “What do you think?” Jaenelle asked.

    Eyeing the audio crystal sitting on the corner of his desk, Daemon bit his tongue a little harder and counted to ten—twice—before he said, “It sounds like the High Lord.”

    She studied the audio crystal, clearly disappointed. “I don’t want to lose the quality of his voice, but I did try to adjust it so it wouldn’t be recognizable.”

    There’s nothing you can do to disguise that voice,Daemon thought.

    Then she perked up, looked more hopeful. “Of course, youwould recognize his voice, but it’s not likely that anyone else will. Not now that it’s altered a bit.”

    Which was when Lucivar walked into the study, carrying Daemonar in a grip that indicated they’d already had one discussion about whether the little beast could run free in the Hall.

    “I’m not sure what Marian is working on today, but we were strongly encouraged to leave home,” Lucivar said. “So here we are.”

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