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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(29) by Anne Bishop
  • Sylvia looked at the puppies. She looked at her younger son, Mikal. Then she pointed at the door. “Outside in the yard. Andstay in the yard. That is not only a request from your mother; it is an order from your Queen.”

    Boy and puppies scampered outside.

    “Does that work?” Daemon asked. “Using both titles?”

    “It usually gives me an extra fifteen minutes before I have to check on him and stop whatever mischief he was about to get into.” She brushed at her hair and seemed surprised when it came to an abrupt end.

    “New haircut?” he asked, keeping his voice neutral. It was short and sassy and made her look more…athletic…than the longer, more elegant style he was accustomed to seeing on Lady Sylvia.

    “New clothes?” she countered.

    “I got married,” he replied dryly.

    “We did notice.”

    Shadows in her eyes behind the amusement.

    “Why?” he asked softly, looking at her hair. But he knew.

    “I needed to look different.” She touched her hair again. “I didn’t want to look in the mirror anymore and see the woman who had been the High Lord’s lover.”

    She walked into the family parlor. He followed.

    “I loved him,” she said. “I still do. I’ve sat in this room through a lot of long nights, thinking about what happened last year and why he chose to step away from day-to-day living—and from me.”


    “No. Let me say this to someone. Please?”

    He slipped his hands in his trouser pockets and nodded.

    “Saetan showed me what I deserve from a lover. Not just skills in bed, but the genuine affection, the interest in my life and my concerns. That mix of tenderness and amusement he would have when I raved on about something. That look that said, whatever was going on, he understood it was female and he would just ride it out.” She pressed her lips together and closed her eyes for a moment. “I finally realized he left…. It wasn’t just because of what was done to him when he was tortured in Terreille. He really needed to go, to step away from the living Realms.”

    “Yes,” Daemon said softly. “He really needed to go.”

    He watched her eyes fill. Watched one tear roll down her cheek.

    “We were friends before we were lovers.” She wiped the tear and sniffled. “I miss my friend. More than the lover, I miss my friend. I wrote him letters on some of those long nights. Just newsy things about Halaway or the boys.”

    “But you never sent them.”


    He held out a hand. “Give them to me.”

    “Oh, no, I—”

    “Give them to me. I can’t tell you that he’ll welcome them or that he’ll read them. But I’ll offer them.”

    She opened a drawer in the rolltop desk and took out a packet tied with a rose-colored ribbon. “There are a couple of letters from the boys, too. Maybe…”

    He took the packet and vanished it before she could change her mind. “He did love you, Sylvia. He still does. But he’s not coming back.”

    “I know.” It was a trembling smile, but it was still a smile.

    “Well, I’d best gather the furry children and—”

    “No.” Sylvia made a face. “I didn’t ask you here to talk about your father. It’s your mother we need to discuss.”

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