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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(40) by Anne Bishop
  • Lucivar rubbed the back of his neck. “I have the nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten something.”

    “Hmm. Well, you’ll either remember it on your own, or you’ll remember it when whatever you’ve forgotten comes back and bites you in the ass.”

    Lucivar laughed. “I guess that’s something to look forward to.”


    Standing at the edge of the street, Surreal studied the three-story house that looked like it had seen better years. Better decades, actually. There was a shabbiness to it that felt like neglect rather than the decline that comes with age. But it must have been a prominent house in the village at one time, since it was standing on a plot of land that was significantly larger than its neighbors.

    She didn’t know much about landen architecture or landscaping, but the whole thing struck her as being off-balance, as if the right side of the land were about to tip up from the weight of the house on the left side. And why would anyone surround property with a waist-high wrought-iron fence that followed the property line at least on the two sides but split the front yard in half between house and street, making it useful for nothing?

    “It might have been attractive at one time,” she said, not bothering to keep the doubt out of her voice.

    “You mean before it was built?” Rainier replied.

    She huffed out a laugh.

    “There are plenty of Blood mansions that have a tower,” Rainier said. “But the tower attached to the right side of this building…”

    “Looks like a fat penis with pretensions.”

    Rainier choked. And because he choked, she couldn’t resist.

    “Really,” Surreal said. “It reminds me of the c**k decorating that was done in a Terreillean Territory a few decades ago. Didn’t stay in fashion for long, but it was amusing while it did.”

    “Cock decorating.”

    She couldn’t tell if he was amused or appalled. But he didn’t sound suspicious. “Feathers, ribbons, netting that acted as a sleeve so that seed pearls and sequins could be added.”

    “I can’t imagine any of that would be comfortable, and I also don’t see the point.”

    “Well, it’s not like they kept it stuffed in their pants.” She bit the inside of her cheek.

    “But…In a social gathering, it’s much better for a man to imply what he’s got rather than actuallyshow it.”

    Did men use undergarments that enhanced their cocks the way women sometimes used corsets or specially constructed brassieres to enhance their br**sts? She’d have to ask him sometime.

    “Besides, a man can’t sustain an erection for an entire evening,” Rainier said.

    “That’s true. And there was an ebb and flow to the festivities for a while.” Oh, he was definitely appalled now. “That’s why most men started wearing a stiff covering over their asset and decorating that.”

    “How could you tell it was a covering?”

    “Has your c**k ever turned purple?”


    “Well, then.” She grinned. Couldn’t stop herself. Besides, he sounded like he was being lightly strangled, so it was time to stop teasing. “Now that you’re warmed up for it, shall we go view the rest of the evening’s horrors?”


    Laughing, she ignored the muttering coming from her companion.

    “It really was done in a Terreillean Territory, but not to that extent,” Surreal said.

    They both pondered that, and she suspected her perception of that particular fashion was very different from his.

    Then Rainier said, “If ithad been done like you described, do you think Sadi…?”

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