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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(42) by Anne Bishop
  • "I know."

    “And who might you be?” Rainier asked, looking at the man.

    “The resident caretaker,” the man replied. “And a resident ghost.”

    “Ghost?” Surreal asked.

    The man nodded. “One of them who was enslaved to serve the ruler of the house.”

    “The Blood—” She bit back the words. This was Jaenelle and Marian’s performance. If they wanted landen children to think the Blood kept enslaved ghosts as servants…

    Maybe this version of the Blood was going to be harder to swallow than she’d imagined.

    "A ghost is one of the demon-dead whose power has faded to the point where there is still a shape without substance," Rainier said. "What possible use would one be as a servant?"

    "Apparently they can light lamps," Surreal replied. "Although you would think they could just stand out of the way and glow."

    "I don’t think they can do that. And even if they could,he isn’t glowing."

    She wasn’t even inside yet and the place was already scraping on her nerves and temper. The sooner they fulfilled their obligation and could leave, the better she’d like it. “Has anyone else arrived?” she asked the caretaker.

    “No, Lady,” he replied. “You and the gentleman are the first.”

    “What time is it?” she asked Rainier.

    He called in a watch, opened the cover, and held it in the light for her to read.

    Somewhere in the house, a gong sounded.

    “What’s that?” Surreal asked.

    The caretaker shrugged. “Nothing that concerns the likes of me.”

    Rainier closed the watch and vanished it.

    The gong sounded again.

    Some kind of clock? Frowning, Surreal stared at the street. Where in the name of Hell were Lucivar and Daemon?

    “Well, shall we go in?” Surreal asked Rainier.

    “Oh, best to wait for the whole party,” the caretaker replied.

    “Won’t be as much fun if there’s just the two of you.”

    Since she wasn’t expecting to have fun, that wasn’t an incentive to wait.

    “How many were you expecting?” Rainier asked.

    “Only twelve people per tour,” the caretaker said.

    “Twelve people were invited?” Surreal asked.

    The caretaker shrugged. “Was told only twelve to a tour.”

    They stood outside, waiting. To give herself something to do, Surreal pictured a straw dummy of Falonar—and thought she deserved a lot of credit for picturing a straw dummy. Then she pictured herself throwing lovely, shiny knives at the target.

    The third time she got to one hundred, she huffed out a sigh.

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