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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(47) by Anne Bishop
  • He held out the invitation. “I’m sorry.” Inadequate words, but all he could offer at the moment.

    She stared at the invitation for a long time. Then she looked at him.

    Her sapphire eyes blazed with anger, but it was the icy slash of temper swirling deep in the abyss, almost to the level of the Black, that told him he was in serious trouble.

    Sweet Darkness, she waspissed at him.

    “Do you know where this village is located?” she asked, handing the invitation back to him.

    He nodded.

    “Then get a Coach ready. Something big enough to accommodate several people. I need to gather a few supplies.” She headed for the door leading to the corridor.



    Her voice made his heart race as the sound sizzled down his spine like cold lightning. There were caverns and sepulchres—and a whisper of madness—in that voice.

    Midnight whispered in that voice.

    Witch, not Jaenelle, had just issued that command. And the Lady wasn’t pleased.

    Since there was nothing he could do about her anger, he went downstairs to prepare the Coach so they could ride the Winds to the landen village where that damn spooky house was located.

    “That’s not a fresh kill,” Rainier said, holding a hand over his nose and mouth.

    Surreal stared at the body in the closet. “Nope. Been here long enough to start to smell. But someone wearing the illusion of that face let us into this house and passed me just a minute before he went through the door at the end of the hallway.” The shields had kept the smell to a minimum until she opened the door. Now there was no doubt they were looking at carrion.

    “What door?” Rainier asked.

    She looked at the end of the hallway. “The door that’s no longer there.”

    “Hell’s fire,” Rainier muttered. “What’s going on here? And where are Jaenelle and Marian?”

    She shook her head, then took a step closer to the body. Was that…? Yes. There was a folded piece of paper tucked between the dead caretaker’s thigh and hand. Naturally it was between the body parts farthest from the door.

    She reached in, pulled the paper free, shook off a couple of maggots, and then stepped back, closing the door to cut down on the smell.

    “It’s getting dark outside—and even darker in here,” Rainier said. “Let’s go into the sitting room and light a couple of lamps before we have to deal with frightened children.”

    “We’re going to be dealing with frightened children whether we light lamps or not,” Surreal replied.

    “I just don’t understand what Jaenelle and Marian were thinking.”

    Surreal waggled the paper. “Since I think I found the first clue, let’s light the lamps and find out.”

    The moment they walked back into the sitting room, Dayle said, “Where is the spooky stuff? This place is boring.” Then she poked her lower lip out in a pout.

    Maybe landen adults thought pouting was cute. As far as Surreal was concerned, if you were old enough to stand up by yourself, you were too old to pout and have it look cute.

    "Don’t even consider it," Rainier said.

    "I wasn’t considering anything."

    "You were going to tell her to open the door under the stairs."

    Of course she was. "If she doesn’t stop pouting, I’m going to put maggots in her hair."

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