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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(49) by Anne Bishop
  • “Surreal!”

    Rainier’s arms around her.

    She heard him snarl in frustrated rage. Heard a door slam. Or maybe that was her heart.

    Then she heard the gong.

    Suddenly the webbing was gone and she could breathe again.

    “Mother Night,” she gasped.

    “Are you all right?” he asked.

    No.“Not sure.” Shit shit shit. Thathurt.

    “What happened?”

    She was on the floor. Didn’t remember going down. Since Rainier was being so obliging about propping her up, she leaned against him.

    “Backlash,” she said, wincing when she swallowed. “There must be spells that have formed a cage around this place. I punched them when I tried to open the wall. They punched back.”

    She tried to get up—and wasn’t happy that she needed Rainier’s help.

    "If Sadi and Yaslana were invited, then this cage was designed to hold the Black and Ebon-gray," Rainier said.

    "Yeah." And that wasn’t good news for her or Rainier.

    “Come back into the sitting room,” he said, leading her to the room. “You should sit down.”

    “I’m all right.” Had to be. “I don’t need to sit down.” More to the point, she didn’t want to find out she was too shaky to get up by herself if she did sit down.

    "Looks like we’re going to play the game," Rainier said. "The only way out is to find one of those exits."

    Surreal nodded. "But first, we have to find a way to warn the others before they walk into this place. Then we get us and the children out of here."

    "Without using Craft."

    "Without using Craft."

    Rainier hesitated. "Do you think Jaenelle and Marian did this?"

    "Doesn’t matter at this point, does it?"

    Everything has a price. That was a common saying among the Blood. Everything has a price.

    And the price for trying to leave his game by cheating was pain.

    The caging spell had worked exactly as he’d been told it would, using the witch’s power against herself to inflict a great deal of pain.

    But not enough physical damage to take Surreal out of the game.

    Unfortunately, the caging spell wasn’t as effective if it was challenged a second time, but that was why the pain was so vicious—to discourage anyone from trying to break through the spell a second time.

    Why were Surreal and Rainier just standing there? Why weren’t they doing anything? They had the first clue. Had theonly clue.

    He’d debated giving them even that much, but it seemed necessary. If his character Landry Langston was going to get ensnared by a house that would tighten the trap every time he used his newly learned Craft skills, he had to have a chance to escape the danger—and readers had to beaware of the danger.

    Besides, having the gong sound every time one of them used Craft meant none of them could deny using it—and, by using it, taking away another chance for all of them to escape.

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