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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(55) by Anne Bishop
  • Surreal studied the room, looking for a potential exit or anything else that might be useful—and seeing nothing that would work to their advantage.

    She had dressed casually in trousers, shirt, and jacket, and was wearing the boots Lucivar had given her at Winsol. Too bad she hadn’t called in her stiletto and the palm knife before going through the gate. The boots were designed with sheaths for both knives. She would have felt more comfortable if she had a couple of honed blades within reach. Well, they were still within reach, since she could call them in, but she wouldn’t be the only one penalized if she used Craft, so she would have to wait until she needed a blade.

    "You know, we’d better get out of this place in one piece," Rainier said.

    "For other than the obvious reason that I don’t want to get stuck living here if I end up demon-dead?" Surreal asked, still turning slowly as she studied the room.

    "Doyou want to explain to Lucivar that you didn’t shield before walking into a strange house?"

    Ah, shit. Maybe getting stuck in the house wouldn’t be so bad after all.

    "Do we gamble and not create shields?" Rainier asked.

    "For now. Let’s gather up our flock of idiot sheep and herd them over to the room across the hall."

    "They’re not idiot sheep; they’re children."

    "That’s what I said." Her study of the room finally brought her back to the portrait over the fireplace.

    Something wrong with the eyes. Then there was something wrong with the whole face as the illusion spell started. The portrait’s head shifted to look down at her. The mouth curved in a leer as the man said in a harsh whisper, “I know what you are.”

    Something inside her stilled. Something that had gotten bruised when Falonar’s interest had waned in response to her wanting to hone her fighting skills. No. Not her fighting skills. Her killing skills. There was a difference, even to an Eyrien warrior. She had never been a warrior, but she had been a damn good assassin.

    Now she felt as if she were drawing a blade from its sheath. Shining. Deadly. Her.

    “I know what you are,” the portrait said again.

    “No,” she told it. “You don’t.”

    Just his luck to get the least interesting member of the SaDiablo family. An uneducated whore. That’s all she was. No flair, no drama.

    Or were they using those psychic threads to say all the interesting things?

    No matter. He hadn’t arranged this to collect dialogue. This was to observe the Blood and how they would deal with the little surprises.

    And when his next book came out,no one would be able to say his character Landry Langston lacked authenticity.

    That’s not my spooky house.

    Daemon let the words seep into his mind like rain softening earth.

    Not hers.

    An invitation sent to bring him to this place, worded in such a way that he would respond without questioning. A gut-level reaction that didn’t take into account the personality of the woman. Jaenelle was right about that—if he had stopped to think for even a minute, he would have wondered why she had sent it.

    Finger-snap summons, she’d called it. That was exactly what this had been. She was capable of issuing that kind of command and expecting it to be obeyed without question, but he had a feeling that if he asked any of the boyos in her First Circle how they had responded to that kind of summons, every one of them would have said they would have shown up fully shielded and ready for a fight.

    Jaenelle Angelline had never been an inconsiderate or insensitive Queen. And she wasn’t an inconsiderate or insensitive wife.

    He took a deep breath and blew it out in a sigh as he stared at the house across the street. “If I admit to being an ass, could we finish this disagreement after we figure out what’s going on here?”

    “If there’s any disagreement left to finish.”

    When she slipped her arms around his waist, he wrapped his arms around her—and felt the tight muscles in his chest and back begin to relax.

    Until she smiled at him and added, “Just how guilty do you feel about being an ass?”

    His spine quivered. His knees turned to jelly. “Why?”

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