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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(58) by Anne Bishop
  • "It serves the purpose," Jaenelle replied with a touch of tart sweetness.

    A glance at the boy, whose eyes were wide with delight. Daemon offered no other comments as he unwrapped the handkerchief and vanished it. When he held a piece of paper in one hand and a paperweight in the other, the globe changed to a soft white light.

    The three of them stared at the paperweight—and then watched the illusion spell change a dead, slightly squashed baby mouse trapped in solid glass into a creature pounding on a glass globe while squeaking for help.

    Daemon stared at the globe. There was something grotesquely fascinating about the spell, something that appealed to a part of him he was sure was not appropriately adult.

    Daemonar probably would love watching the mousie. So would the wolf pups who lived at the eyrie. Marian, on the other hand, would most likely grab a mop and try to beat him to a pulp with it if he gave this little grotesquerie to her boy.

    “The illusion must be triggered by the warmth of a person’s hand,” Jaenelle said. “It stays dormant until someone picks it up.”

    “The confused Lady must have made that,” Yuli said. “The others weren’t nice, but she was.”

    The boy’s words were a verbal knife in the gut.

    “She talked to you?” Jaenelle asked.

    Yuli nodded. “She said the spooky house was an entertainment, like Jaenelle was making. Something fun for children. A surprise for the boy.”

    “A surprise for the boy,” Daemon murmured. He handed the paperweight to Yuli, then held the paper up so he and Jaenelle could read it.

    Then he swore softly, savagely.

    “Mother Night,” Jaenelle said, looking at the house. “It sounds like this entertainment has a few teeth and claws.”

    “My apologies, Yuli,” Daemon said. “I neglected to finish the introductions. I’m Daemon Sadi, Warlord Prince of Dhemlan. This is my Lady, Jaenelle Angelline.”

    Yuli’s jaw dropped. “TheLady ?”

    Well, that told him where he stood in the pecking order. “Yes,the Lady.” He paused. “I have a favor to ask of you. I have some urgent business and must leave immediately. Will you keep the Lady company until I return?”

    “Yes, sir!”

    "You’re leaving a boy here to protect me?" Jaenelle asked.

    "I’m giving him an excuse to stay with you—and the hamper of food Beale placed in the Coach. I figure by the time I get back, you’ll know everything this village knows about that house."And everything the villagers might not want you to know about that orphans’ home and this boy in particular. "Besides, if I can’t warn him off in time, someone has to be here to stop Lucivar from going into that house."And if you use that Witch tone of voice on him like you did on me, you’ll stop him in his tracks.

    “All right, I’ll stay,” Jaenelle said. “And I welcome Yuli’s company.” "You’re going to talk to her?"

    He gave her a light but lingering kiss, needing the feel of her. "Yes, I’m going to talk to her."


    The only thing they found of interest in the parlor across the hall was another poker that Rainier now carried as a weapon. No tricks or traps. At least, none that they triggered. No exits either.

    Using the poker to hook back the lace curtain hanging over the window, Rainier studied the bricks that replaced the window’s view. As he let the curtain fall back into place, he said, “Seems odd to waste a room.”

    “Too close to the starting point of the game?” Surreal replied. She’d been standing behind him, ready to help if the woman with the dagger-point nails appeared in the window like she’d done in the sitting room.

    “We’re bored,” Trist said.

    “We want to go home,” Dayle said.

    “We don’t like this place,” Henn said.

    She turned and walked over to the flock of idiot sheep, ignoring Rainier’s quiet warning. She stared at each of them. They stared back. Even Sage and Trout just stared.

    Did they think they were immune to harm because they were children? They weren’t immune to anything. Especially harm.

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