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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(62) by Anne Bishop
  • Her eyes filled. Her throat closed.

    No.No. No tears. No grief. Not here. Not yet. But…

    The boy had disobeyed. He’d defied a straight order. What in the name of Hell had he been thinking? That this was a game? Well, it was that. A bloody, vicious game. The rest of them knew that now, didn’t they?

    That won’t save them from getting killed,she thought.Won’t save Rainier and me either.

    She looked around the kitchen and said too softly, “I’ll find you, you son of a whoring bitch. I may not still be among the living when it happens, but I will find you. And when I do, I will rip you into small pieces and feed you to whatever you’ve put into this house.”

    She laughed, barely making a sound. “You don’t think I can do it? Sugar, I skinned my own father and fed him to the Hell Hounds. If I can do it to him, I can do it to you.”


    Lucivar stared at the messenger and didn’t laugh. Didn’t even grin. The effort hurt his muscles, but he kept a straight face as he accepted the shielded message from the heavily shielded young Warlord.

    “Thank you, Warlord,” he said.

    “It was my pleasure, Prince.”

    I doubt it,Lucivar thought as he watched the messenger walk across the courtyard—and then scamper down the stairs to the landing web. Maybe he’d sounded alittle too threatening the last time the pup was at the door.

    He frowned as he closed the door and locked it for the evening. There had been a message.

    The one he held now was in Daemon’s handwriting, but not the careful script he was used to seeing.

    He looked at the back side of the message. Official SaDiablo crest pressed into the red wax.

    He broke the seal and opened the paper.


    If you’re home, stay there until you hear from me.


    “Stay there” had been underlined three times.

    “Wasn’t planning to go anywhere,” Lucivar muttered, walking toward the kitchen, where Marian was putting away the remains of their meal.

    Something niggled his memory. Something about Marian and a message.

    Then his darling hearth witch turned away from the sink and looked at him.

    “Who was that?” she asked.

    “A message from Daemon. He told me to stay home this evening.”


    “No idea.” Although…Healmost knew. The messagealmost made sense.

    Then Marian took a step toward him. Something about the look in her eyes. Something about the way her wings flexed open slightly and then closed. Something about her psychic scent—and her physical scent. Something that had changed in the time since she’d come home.

    He vanished the paper as his hands caressed the sides of her hips and urged her closer until their bodies were just brushing. He gave her a lazy smile. “Want to snuggle?”

    She rolled her hips, pushing into him as her arms wrapped around his neck.

    His blood went from warm to sizzle in a heartbeat.

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