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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(82) by Anne Bishop
  • She still flinched when the gong sounded after she shielded the room.

    Rainier rested a hand on her shoulder, unspoken agreement and comfort.

    They’d left the sitting room door open while they’d checked the room. Now they moved together to close the door and lock it.

    As she started to push the door closed, Rainier sucked in a breath and swore softly.

    Trist stood in the hallway. She could see the torn chest and belly through his ripped clothes. She looked straight at the face that was coated in blood on the side that had the empty eye socket.

    But this wasn’t Trist. Wasn’t evencildru dyathe. This was an illusion spell called a shadow, an image created from a little blood and a lot of Craft.

    Jaenelle could create a shadow that looked and acted and felt so real, even touching it didn’t reveal the truth of its nature. But this…The boy stood with the woodenness of a puppet. Effective enough during that first jolt of seeing him, but clearly a trick just the same.

    The shadow Trist smiled at them and said, “The worst is still to come.”

    Then it vanished.

    Surreal closed the door—and swore when the door vanished too.

    Rainier studied the wall, then shook his head and took a step back. “If that’s an illusion, I can’t tell without touching the wall.”

    “Which would put your hand on the wrong side of the shield.” Surreal looked around, swore, and pointed to the back wall. “That wasn’t there before.”

    A door. She had created her shield a hand span away from the walls to avoid triggering any spells that might bein the walls. Looked like she’d made the right choice. Still, in the morning, the only way out of the room was through a door that held who knew what on the other side.

    She took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “Next?”

    “Food and water,” Rainier said. “We’ll use my stash.”

    He didn’t expect to get out of the house, Surreal realized. If he died and made the transition to demon-dead, he might get pulled into the spells and become an enemy instead of still fighting with her. If that happened, she wouldn’t have access to the supplies he carried. That’s why he wanted to use his supplies first. But neither of them actually put that into words.

    The other thing neither of them said was that she would be able to destroy him, to finish the kill, but ifshe was the one who died and turned on him, he wouldn’t be able to survive her attack. So keeping her alive was the only chance that one of them would get out of this house.

    He called in a jug of water and a chill box that was inside a large wicker picnic hamper—the kind that had a separate compartment to carry dishes, glasses, and silverware.

    Surreal blinked. She’d brought water, yes. Always carried some with her. But her stash of food was four apples she grabbed from a bowl in the town house’s kitchen as she and Rainier were leaving.

    “You carry a chill box?”

    He looked puzzled. “Why not?”

    She didn’t answer that, too busy wondering if a chill box was something all escorts kept with them or if this was just Rainier.

    He opened the chill box’s lid and pulled out a whole roasted chicken, a small wheel of cheese, and three apples.

    “What, no sweet?” she teased.

    “The chicken had already been cooked when we changed our plans for the evening. We didn’t get much dinner, since we rushed to get here—”

    She snorted.

    “—so I figured a harvest picnic after viewing the house would be appropriate.” "And I did bring a sweet," he added, "but it’s not in the chill box, so you’ll have to do without."

    She grinned at him and opened the compartment that held the silverware and dishes.

    They were joking, smiling, eating! How could they find anything amusing? Why weren’t theyafraid ?

    The worst was still to come, but they had managed to shut out all his pets. Nothing in that room but a couple of the little, creepy spells, and the bitch had already spoiled one of them by not letting the children eat the grapes. Unless the Warlord Prince insisted on sex, nothing interesting would happen while they stayed in that room.

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