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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(88) by Anne Bishop
  • A twitch of his lips. A hint of a smile.

    “It’s a bit unnerving to realize you have power over such a powerful man, isn’t it?” Saetan asked.

    Thank the Darkness, hedid understand. “Yes. I wear the Purple Dusk. I shouldn’t have that kind of power over him.”

    “Marian, you’re the woman he loves. There are very few things that can match that kind of power. Not even these.” He tapped the Black Jewel he wore over the tunic jacket.

    “Would you have reacted like that?” Marian asked. “If you had missed an engagement your wife had wanted you to attend, would you have flinched?”

    She bit her lip when she saw the look in his eyes and wished she could take back the words. Considering who his wife had been, it was a bad question.

    “No,” he said. “I wouldn’t have. Not for her.” He took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead, a fatherly kiss washed in the sensuality that was inherent to the man. Then he added, “But if I had disappointed Sylvia by not remembering an engagement that I believed was important to her, then, yes, Marian, I would have flinched.”


    The High Lord must not leave the Keep. Do whatever is necessary to keep him there.


    Saetan handed the message back to Draca, then looked out the window and watched Marian playing with Daemonar in one of the Keep’s courtyards.

    After a while he raised his left hand. Most days he didn’t think about that lost finger, but there were other days when he could still feel the moment when Hekatah put the blade against his skin.

    “It’s one thing for a man to say he’s gotten old and has reached an age when it’s time to step aside for those who are younger and better able to stand on a battlefield. But it humbles a man to realize hissons think he’s too old.”

    “You were harmed the lasst time, Ssaetan,” Draca said.

    “Yes.” And it wasn’t just a finger that had been lost to Hekatah’s torture. Oh, he hadn’t lost anything else physically, but the damage to his body had been irreparable—and had weighed in his decision to step back from the living Realms.

    Just because he couldn’t use his balls didn’t mean he didn’t still have them when it came to temper and Craft.

    “I am not without skills,” he growled.

    “They know that.”

    He snorted. “Do they? One son sends a message toyou , asking you to lock me in the Keep—and sends the message with Khardeen, who latched on to me last night like a Sceltie who had found a meaty, unguarded soup bone. The other son shows up this morning and tells me to my face that he’ll break my legs if I don’t promise to stay here.”

    Draca made a soft sound that might have been laughter. “Lucivar hass alwayss been more direct.”

    You’re amused. How delightful.

    Draca reached out and touched his arm, a rare gesture for her. “Lucivar brought hiss wife and sson here becausse you are here. He dependss on you to protect what he holdss dear.”

    “And Daemon?” Saetan asked. “What is he protecting?”

    “More than Lucivar, Daemon needss a father who undersstandss him. By keeping you here, he iss protecting hiss own heart.”

    Daemon put away the spider silk and the rest of his supplies, then vanished the debris, leaving no trace of his night’s work.

    Three tangled webs sat on a table, carefully protected by shields. These webs offered no visions. Nor were they simple dreams.

    They were nightmare illusions combined with shadows. They were alluring and lethal—and exquisitely brutal. They would extract the debt owed to the SaDiablo family down to the last drop of blood and the last heartbeat of fear.

    Now all he needed to do was find Jarvis Jenkell.

    He vanished the tangled webs and went downstairs. They could all use some breakfast, and it would be better for the boy if Jaenelle was working on her second cup of coffee before Yuli woke up.

    Then he felt the thunder rolling through the abyss.

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