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  • Tangled Webs(Black Jewels,Book 6)(96) by Anne Bishop
  • “Let’s get moving,” Surreal said. “We havegot to find a way out of here.”

    Moments after Lucivar’s Ebon-gray shield closed around the house, Daemon’s Black shield surrounded the property, forming a dome over the house and sinking deep into the land.

    Cold rage whispered in his blood, singing its seductive song of violence and death.

    Then he felt Witch’s hand on his arm, felt a cold in her equal to his own but still tempered by the fire of surface anger.

    “Lucivar found something he wants to contain,” Daemon said too softly. “Something not otherwise bound by the spells put on that house. He locked the house; I’ve locked the land.”

    She nodded. “Nothing will leave here without his consent—and yours.”

    And yours,Daemon thought. No matter what he and Lucivar thought, Witch would make the final decision.

    Her hand tightened on his arm, a silent command to step back from the killing edge and the sweet, cold rage.

    “Daemon, let’s take care around the boy,” Jaenelle said quietly.

    That reminder helped him leash the rage and obey. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly…and regained control.

    “Why don’t we take a walk around the perimeter and look for something that doesn’t feel natural?” Jaenelle suggested.

    “Such as…?”

    “A tunnel. A passageway.”

    “An underground escape.” Daemon nodded. His Black shield went deep enough to block such an escape, but the search would give them both something to do while they waited.

    He looked at the Coach. “Should we bring the boy with us and let him stretch his legs? He hasn’t left the Coach since you invited him in.”

    “He’s afraid, Prince.”

    “Of us?”

    Jaenelle shook her head. “Of being sent back to the orphans’ home.”

    He hesitated, then said softly, “We can’t keep him. The Hall is too dark. Our power is too dark. He would never belong. Might not even be able to survive.”

    “I know,” she said. “But we can have him as a guest for a day or two while we decide what would be the best place for him.”

    Something in her tone of voice. Something that softened his temper and tickled his sense of humor.

    “How do kindred puppies feel about young boys who may be half-Blood?” he asked.

    Jaenelle just grinned.

    Tersa stepped back from her worktable. She had worked through the night, building her tangled web strand by careful strand.

    The Langston man had used her to hurt the boys. Her boy. And the winged boy.

    She remembered the winged boy from the days when she had been less of a shattered chalice and had lived in a cottage with her boy.

    Before Dorothea had taken her boy. Had used her boy. Had hurt her boy.

    And the winged boy too.

    But the winged one was strong now, powerful now—and still a boy when he came to visit. He thought she believed that foolishness about ale being Eyrien milk? Even someone who walked in the Twisted Kingdom could tell the difference between milk and ale.

    He wasn’t being mean, though. He wasn’t making fun of her, thinking she wouldn’t know the difference. He was teasing because he wanted ale, and his smile invited her to pretend she believed the fib.

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