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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(102) by Anne Bishop
  • Thera knelt beside him. Tears ran down her face.

    “Tomas?” Jared asked.

    “We’ll honor him as Blood,” Thera replied.

    Jared waited for Thera to do something.

    She simply knelt beside him, her hands pressed against her thighs.

    “Help her,” Jared said, frightened by Thera’s calm shell.

    Thera licked the tears from the corners of her mouth. “I only know a little basic healing, Jared. My knowledge of poisons is limited to what a Black Widow needs to know for herself. There’s too much venom in her. I’m s-sorry. I don’t h-have the s-skill.”

    Watching Thera curl in on herself, Jared didn’t realize the pounding had stopped until the broken axle, now slimed with gore, thumped down beside him and a heavy hand squeezed his shoulder hard enough to crack bone.

    He looked up at Garth’s tear-stained face.

    “Yyyou fffind help,” Garth said, fighting for each word. “Yyyou go. Yyyou take—” He pointed at Lia. “Fffind help. Fffind sssafe place.”

    Help. Safe place.

    Hope shot through Jared.

    Closing his eyes to concentrate, he sent out a summons on a Red spear thread. North, toward Ranon’s Wood. *Belarr!*

    He waited a moment, then tried again. *Belarr! I need help!*

    No answer.

    Even if Belarr was still angry with him, he wouldn’t ignore a call for help.


    No answer.

    He tried an Opal thread. *Mother! We need a Healer!*


    Lia’s breathing sounded harsher.

    Jared sent out a broad summons at the depth of the Red, letting it spread in an ever-widening circle as far as he could push it. There was the risk that an enemy might answer, but he felt desperate enough to believe any answer was better than none. *Please! I need help!*

    Not knowing what else to do, he tried again and again.


    At first, he wasn’t sure he’d been answered.


    Not a communication thread. This was far more subtle. He couldn’t tell whether it was a male or female who had answered him. Couldn’t even tell what direction it had come from.


    It would guide him. He couldn’t have explained why he believed that, but as he felt that coaxing tug, he was sure of it.

    Jared opened his eyes and got to his feet.

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