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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(116) by Anne Bishop
  • She smiled at him.

    His frown deepened. “Tomorrow we’ll go to Dena Nehele.”


    “Once you’re safely home, I’ll go to Ranon’s Wood—”


    “—and bring the others—”


    Lia shoved him hard enough to break his hold on her. She stumbled back a couple of steps before she regained her balance.

    “Don’t be stubborn about this, Lia,” Jared growled.

    Her gray eyes darkened. “You’re a fine one to accuse anyone else of being stubborn.”

    Jared gritted his teeth. “You’ll be safe.”

    “I knew the risks when I agreed—”

    “You knew nothing!” Jared shouted. “You were supposed to meet an escort at a Coach station who would get you safely home.You , Lia. Despite what you may want to believe, those men weren’t there to make sure the rest of us got to Dena Nehele. So get it into your stubborn little head that you’re going home tomorrow.”

    “I’m going to Ration’s Wood—”

    Jared spewed every obscenity he could think of.

    “Those people are my responsibility, Lord Jared.Mine .”

    Jared bared his teeth. “My Jewels are darker than yours, which makes me stronger. If I have to, I’ll truss you up in enough psychic restraints it’ll take your granny half a day to undo them all and dump you on your father’s doorstep. He may have yielded about letting you go in the first place, but if his balls still work, he won’t let you go again no matter what your grandmother says!”

    “How dare you say that about my father! What right do you have to make demands of me?”

    “I serve you.”

    Lia shook her head. “No, you don’t. The others, yes, until the journey ends. But not you.”

    It felt like a large fist had just punched him under the heart. Jared stared at her, trying to get his breath. “I serve you,” he said hoarsely. “I wear the Invisible Ring.” The Silver Ring.

    “There is no Ring!” Lia raked her fingers through her hair. “There never was a Ring! It was only a bit of Craft my mother calls lightning and smoke to fool them so they wouldn’t question my not using the Ring of Obedience.”

    “I wear your Ring,” Jared insisted.

    “Listen to me, you feather-brained mule.There is no Ring . I made it up. AH of it. Whoever heard of an Invisible Ring?”

    Daemon Sadi.

    But he didn’t say that. He took the verbal blows, unwilling to consider why they hurt so much. “Why?”

    Lia took a couple of wobbly steps and made it to the chair before she fell down. “You’re a good man, Jared. And you’re a strong Warlord.”

    “You couldn’t have known that about me.”

    “I’m a Queen,” she said wearily. “I knew. But as you just pointed out, your Jewels outrank mine, and there was a lot of hate in you that day. I couldn’t leave you there, and I couldn’t control you.”

    “You could have used the Ring of Obedience.”

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