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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(135) by Anne Bishop
  • Jared stared at Talon. Finally, he said, “Have you ever played chess with her?”

    “What’s—” The glaze of fury slowly faded from Talon’s eyes. Releasing Jared, he stepped back. After a minute, he shook his head, and said dryly, “I think I just did.”

    Now that Talon’s anger had passed, Jared felt the sting of the accusations. “If you were so concerned, why didn’t you stay to escort her to the Tamanara Mountains?”

    There was no way to describe the look in Talon’s eyes. “Warlord,” he said quietly, “even a rogue knows when to yield to a Queen.”

    Jared squirmed a little, like a boy chastised by an elder. “But you came back. You’ve been searching for her.”

    “Well,” Talon said with a genuine smile, “Iam a rogue.” He gave Jared a rough clap on the shoulder. “Let’s go see the witchling. She deserves a good scolding.”

    “Can I watch?” Jared asked, falling into step beside Talon.

    “Of course,” Talon replied, laughing. “How else will you learn how to do it right?

    Jared knocked on the bedroom door but didn’t wait for Lia to answer before he slipped into the room.

    “You wanted to see me?” he asked, studying her with some concern. She seemed subdued and a little pale. He understood her feeling subdued. Talon’s skill at scolding far exceeded any instructorhe’d ever had. “Are you feeling well?”

    “I’m fine,” Lia murmured, twisting the bottom of her sweater. She wasn’t quite pacing, but she also couldn’t seem to stand still. “Jared, I have a favor to ask.”

    “All right.”

    Lia pressed her lips together and stared at the floor. Finally, she sighed. “One of the reasons—the main reason— I haven’t had my Virgin Night is that I never wanted to ask one of the males in the court to do something so intimate out of a sense of duty.”

    Jared thought the males in the court would be appalled to hear her say that, but he could understand how Lia might think of it as some unwanted “duty.”

    “I—” Lia took a couple of deep breaths. “Would you do it?”

    Jared’s mind went blank. To have this much. To give this much. To know that she trusted him this much.

    Lia flicked a nervous glance at him.

    Jared ran a hand through his hair. “Yes. Of course. When we get to Dena Nehele—”

    “No.” Lia scraped her teeth over her bottom lip. “It has to be now. Before sunset.”

    Jared took a step back. His legs hit the edge of the bed. He sat down abruptly. “Now?Right now?”

    Lia nodded. “Thera says if I don’t have my Virgin Night before sunset, I never will.”

    Jared opened his mouth, sure that he’d been about to express a reasonable opinion, but nothing came out.

    If only it hadn’t been Thera, who had heeded a similar warning and had survived because of it.That he couldn’t dismiss.

    “Lia . . .”

    “If you’re not comfortable with it, I can ask Talon—”

    Jared shot to his feet. “I’ll kill him first.”

    Lia blinked. Frowned. Finally said, “If you kill him first, won’t that make the rest of it ... awkward?”

    “It will make it impossible,” Jared replied, spacing out each word.


    Jared rubbed his hands over his face. His body remembered what it felt like to hold her, kiss her, and itwanted . His heart yearned to make love to her. His mind kept squeaking the words “Virgin Night” like some terrified mouse.

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