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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(137) by Anne Bishop
  • “A few times. It’s safer when the male wears the darker Jewel.”

    Talon settled more comfortably against the wall and crossed his arms. “It’s not that difficult, really.”

    “It’s dangerous,” Jared argued.

    “It can be if you forget why you’re in the bed—or if she panics.”

    Well, that helped.

    It took less than five minutes for Talon to explain what he had to do for the Virgin Night.

    “That’s it?” Jared asked.

    Talon shrugged. “That’s it. Just take it slow. Let her get comfortable with each step before you go on to the next, and you’ll do all right.”

    Jared glanced at the end of the hall.

    “Go on,” Talon said with a smile. “I’ll stay here and make sure she doesn’t bolt.”

    Jared took a deep breath, blew it out, and then walked to the bathroom at the end of the hall.

    After cleaning his teeth, he paused and sniffed himself. He shook his head and stripped. Halfway through the fast bath, he realized he’d accepted what he was about to do and felt steady.

    More than steady.

    He dried off, vanished the sweaty clothes he’d been working in, then called in the trousers Daemon had given him and put them on. No point wearing anything more, he thought as his hand closed over the Red Jewel around his neck. He ran his other hand over the trousers. Did clothes retain something of the person who had worn them? Right now, he wouldn’t mind absorbing some of Daemon’s bedroom skills.

    Jared closed his eyes and took a couple of deep, quiet breaths. He thought of the way Daemon’s hands glided over a woman’s body, coaxing, caressing. It became a slow, delicious dance that a woman was helpless to resist. It changed so subtly from cool water to fire she never had a chance to see the blaze before it consumed her in pleasure.

    Smiling, Jared returned to the bedroom door.

    Talon gave him an assessing look, returned the smile, and walked away. At the corner, he raised his hand. A Sapphire shield blocked the hall.

    “That will make sure you’re not disturbed,” Talon said. He gave Jared an easy salute and left.

    Taking one last deep breath, Jared opened the bedroom door.

    Lia sat in the chair, fretting the sweater.

    Jared leaned against the door and smiled when she peeked at him through her lashes.

    “It’s not as if you haven’t seen me before,” Jared said, charmed by the shyness.

    “That was different,” Lia muttered, focusing on his bare feet.

    Jared took another breath . . .

    . . . and heard the drums.

    Heard the Priestess’s voice rising out of the twilight to call the men to the dance.

    His nostrils flared. His blood heated. Tension flowed out of him as desire saturated his body.

    He flicked a glance at the hearth. The wood that had been readied to take the evening chill out of the room began to burn.

    A flick of his hand closed the curtains. Only the young fire lit the room, smudging all the sharp lines until there were no lines, until the walls seemed to disappear and go on forever.

    Another flick of his hand vanished all the furniture except the bed and the small tables on either side of it.

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