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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(138) by Anne Bishop
  • Lia yelped when she landed on the floor. “Jared, what—”

    He walked toward her. Her eyes widened.

    “Can you hear the drums, Lia?” he asked softly.

    “Can you hear them? Like the land’s heartbeat. Or the heartbeat of the Shalador people.” He held out his hands. “Let me show you the Fire Dance.”

    He lifted her up and pulled her against him. Her heart beat a staccato rhythm. Her cold hands pushed at his waist.

    He did nothing but hold her, letting his eyes wander over her face.

    When she stopped trying to push him away, he slowly lowered his head, his lips parting for a kiss.

    She arched back to escape his lips. He smiled because it only pushed her hips tighter against his.

    Since she wouldn’t give him her mouth, he took her throat. Soft kisses. Gentle sucking.

    He licked her jaw.

    Her hands clamped on his waist.

    “Do you hear them, Lia?” he asked as he licked the corner of her mouth with the tip of his tongue.

    “I—I hear something beating.” Her voice had gone husky.

    “The drums.” Jared brushed his lips over hers.

    Her eyes were dark smoke. “Is there someone singing?”

    “Yes,” he whispered into her ear. “Listen to her. Follow her. The Fire Dance lies at the end of her voice.”

    He covered her mouth with his and let them both sink into the drums and the voice and the musky twilight.

    Stepping back, he drew her into the center of the room.

    Lia plucked at the sweater. “It’s warm in here.”

    “Take it off,” Jared suggested quietly as he slowly circled her, his feet automatically following the set pattern of steps.

    Lia tossed the sweater aside. She puffed out her cheeks. “Maybe we should open a window.”

    “Maybe you should take off the shirt.” His fingertips brushed down her arm as he moved past her. “The Fire’s supposed to be hot.”

    She reached for the first button. Her hand froze. Her eyes locked on the golden chest that glistened from more than one kind of heat.

    “Let me help.” Jared gave her a feathery kiss while he used Craft to undo all the buttons. His hands brushed the shirt aside, brushed it over her shoulders, brushed it down her back.

    She made breathy little sounds.

    “Watch me.” He stepped back into his circle. “Watch the Dance.”

    “Aren’t—” Lia puffed out her cheeks again. “Aren’t you supposed to be naked when you do that?”

    He vanished the trousers.

    She gulped and tried to stare at her feet, but he’d already drawn her in too deeply. She raised her head and watched him dance, watched the muscles flex, watched him smile as he moved his hips, watched the shadows form into other dancers.

    Listening to the drums, Jared increased the tempo, stepping close enough to brush against her, stepping back to widen the circle.

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