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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(139) by Anne Bishop
  • She pivoted in the center of the circle, her eyes following him, no longer shy enough to look away from a male celebrating his maleness.

    As the drums began to fade, Jared wrapped an arm around Lia’s waist and whirled her around the room until they reached the side of the bed.

    Cupping her face in his hands, he kissed her long and deep.

    “Let me show you the rest of the Fire Dance,” he said hoarsely.

    She didn’t answer. But the look in her eyes was answer enough.

    He undressed her slowly, coaxed her into the bed, and stretched out beside her.

    She shifted a little to move her hips away from his throbbing cock.

    He shifted with her.

    “It’ll be all right,” he said as his hand glided down her arm and back again. “It’ll be all right.”

    While he brushed his lips against hers, he reached with his mind and brushed lightly against her inner barriers.

    She recoiled with a gasp.

    Jared murmured soothing nothings while he kissed and caressed her.

    Always before, he’d given pleasure in order to escape the pain of punishment. Now he gave pleasure for the pleasure of giving it. He explored her body, fascinated by the muscles that quivered, and finally relaxed, under his light touch. He tasted her, rubbed himself against her so that her scent would be on his skin and his on hers. He laughed silently when her fingers dove into his hair to hold his mouth to her breast. He enjoyed the way her body both pulled away from and reached for the finger lightly brushing between her legs.

    And all the while he slowly seduced her body, he stroked her inner barriers until she was so used to his presence she didn’t react at all.

    Then he began the journey into the abyss. Down, down, down while his mouth and fingers made her quietly desperate, while her grasping hands made him burn.

    Down, down, down until he slipped under her inner barriers and saw the shining green web of herself.

    Jared flowed upward. Carefully, delicately, he brushed a strand of her inner web.

    Her body tensed. Thrashed.

    His rolled, half-covering her to keep her still.

    *It’s all right, Lia.* He brushed the strand again.

    *Yes,* she said, but her body shuddered, and she didn’t sound at all convinced.

    Following Talon’s instructions, Jared carefully flowed his Red strength between the strands of her web, then formed a shield above her. That, Talon had explained, was why it was better for the male to wear the darker Jewel. If the witch panicked for some reason and tried to descend into the abyss, she wouldn’t be able to get past the shield and inadvertently rip through her own inner web.

    When he was done, he kissed her—and jerked back in surprise.

    “What . . .” Lia said, her eyes wide with shock.

    Jared caressed her breast, and felt the caress.

    She pulled his head down and kissed him with a hunger that, when added to his own, left him reeling.

    This was the seduction and the danger, Jared realized as he kissed her again. When a man was inside a woman’s inner barriers, he could become so tangled up in the physical sensations of being both the giver and receiver that he wouldn’t be able to distinguish his body from hers.

    He covered her. Felt his body pressing her down. Felt the bed under her back. Felt himself press into the opening until he met the physical barrier.

    Jared buried his face against her neck.

    Breathing hard, Lia gripped his shoulders. “Do it.”

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