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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(155) by Anne Bishop
  • “Can I get dressed now?” Jared growled. He shivered, but it wasn’t just because it was too cold to be standing around half-naked.

    “Yes, you can get dressed.”

    “Is it done?” Lia said quietly as she joined them.

    “It’s done,” Thera replied.

    They turned toward the Coach.

    Jared hastily pulled on his shirt. He wanted a minute with Lia while he had the chance.

    “Wait a minute,” Blaed said sharply. He pointed at Thera. “You and Lia aren’t connected to the web.”

    “What?” Jared and Talon said in unison.

    “They’re not part of the web. I waited until the end, but I got here when Thera added the first person.” Blaed stared at the two women, his eyes filled with hurt and fury.

    Lia studied the three men. She took a deep breath. “Thera and I can’t be part of the web.” She held up a hand to stop their protests. “We can’t be. But I swear to you, we’re well protected.”

    “Come on,” Thera said. “We have to take care of the last of it.”

    “What last?” Jared demanded, taking a step toward them. “You didn’t mention anything else.”

    Lia’s eyes stopped him from taking another step.

    The three men watched Thera and Lia hurry to the Coach.

    Jared pressed his hand against his chest. He wanted to rub the area over his heart to try to ease the deep, growing ache, but he was afraid he might damage the web.

    Talon nudged Blaed. “Let’s get into position.” He started up the street, then turned back. “Jared? Are you all right?”

    Jared lowered his hand. “I’m fine.”

    A minute later, he stood alone in the street. Everyone else was hidden. The Coach’s door remained closed. A few minutes from now, Krelis would realize they weren’t going to hand Lia over to him, and the battle would begin.

    Too late, Jared thought as he walked to the tavern, where he would remain hidden until the very end. He should have told Lia while he had the chance, should have let her know how much she meant to him. The regret he felt about not being able to talk to Reyna should have taught him not to wait to say what was in his heart. But shame for the way he’d lived for the past nine years had prevented him from saying three important words to Lia.

    And now it was too late.

    Chapter Thirty-six

    Krelis slid his knife in and out of its sheath. He liked the rhythm.

    Almost time to teach that Shalador bastard what happens to anyone foolish enough to defy Hayll.

    The knife slipped in and out, faster and faster.

    Maybe he’d have the Black Widow bitch’s legs tied apart and let her compare the rhythm of both of his knives.

    She’d scream. Oh, how she’d scream.

    Maybe he’d make the little bitch-Queen watch.

    What did it matter that no one, including the Priestess he served, thought he was an honorable man anymore? He had something better than honor now.

    He had power.

    Chapter Thirty-seven

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