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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(157) by Anne Bishop
  • For just a second, he thought he felt something, touched something.

    Something female. Something fiercely violent and powerful.

    A cold fist settled against his lower back.

    Then:Nothing there .

    Shaking his head, he turned back to face the village.

    When the order finally came, he moved forward eagerly.

    That damn circle was making him jump at shadows, was making him feel odd things, hear odd things.

    Because, for just a moment, he could have sworn he heard drums.

    Chapter Thirty-nine

    Jared clenched his teeth, squeezed his eyes shut, and concentrated on feeding his Red strength to the web.

    Damn you, he thought when he felt Randolf take a hard strike.Tap the strength that’s offered. Use it .

    They wouldn’t use it. He’d realized that after the first couple of minutes. The males who had decided to be the main diversion would sip the strength he was providing to maintain their protective shields, but they were draining their own Jewels to strike at the Hayllians and keep the bastards from closing in too quickly.

    With his inner vision, he could see the web, its spidersilk threads now colored a strong red from his Jewel. He could see the Jewel stars flare with each strike. They were all winking, constantly flaring and dimming as the fighting continued.

    Another strike.


    Talon’s Sapphire Jewel star flared wildly for a moment.

    Jared held his breath until it steadied.

    How long could they hold out? What were Thera and Lia waiting for?

    He wanted to be out there, fighting with his friends, his people.

    The Silver Ring kept him chained inside the tavern.

    A cold gust of wind rushed over his skin, the kind of wind that made the changing leaves sound like rattles. The kind that was always a prelude to a violent autumn storm.

    Jared opened his eyes.

    He was inside the tavern. He shouldn’t be able to feel the wind. He was dressed. He certainly shouldn’t be able to feel it on his skin.

    Then he heard the drums.

    The sound singed his blood and froze it at the same time.

    Thesedrums weren’t calling the males to the dance.These drums were calling the witches to war.

    And they answered.

    Through the web, he felt the temper of the fight change, felt it grow colder, more savage. Merciless.

    He looked out the window, trying to focus on the point where the Hayllians at the landing place—and Krelis— would enter the village.

    But he didn’t see any of those things. As the wind swept over his skin again, as his blood pounded to the rhythm of the drums, he saw the web with its bright beads. He saw a dark circle surrounding it, slowly constricting as the Hayllians advanced.

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