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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(158) by Anne Bishop
  • He saw another circle appear beyond the dark one. Light, dark. Silver, gold. It was all those things—and it held all the answers if he could just stay quiet enough to hear them.

    He raised his hand. Reached out to touch it.

    A warning shout broke his concentration and the vision disappeared.

    Jared tensed when he saw Randolf retreating up the road. The Warlord didn’t even glance at the Coaches. Jared silently applauded that self-control. If they could draw the Hayllians far enough into the village, Lia still might be able to get away.

    Moments later, several Hayllians appeared. One of them, a Sapphire-Jeweled Warlord, wore the badge of a Master of the Guard.

    Krelis looked around, then focused on the tavern, as if he could see, or at least sense, Jared standing inside. He smiled and gestured lazily.

    Three Hayllian guards headed for the tavern.

    The Coach door burst open.

    Lia dodged the Hayllians’ grabbing hands and raced up the street.

    “Lia, no!” Jared shouted. Desperate to protect her, he used Craft to blast the tavern door open.

    That startled the Hayllians enough to buy her a couple of seconds.

    “Lia!” Jared shouted.

    “Go after her!” Krelis roared.

    Before any of them could move, a bolt of Sapphire power hit Lia in the belly. Her body burst, spraying blood and guts over the street. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as she flew backward.

    Jared reached her first. He forgot the Hayllians. Forgot the web. Forgot his promise. Forgot everything but the woman lying on her back in the middle of the street.

    “Lia.” Jared dropped to his knees. One of his hands hovered over her ruined body. The other gently stroked her hair.

    Hearing footsteps, Jared raised his head and bared his teeth.

    Krelis stood a few yards away.

    Jared saw no regret in those hard gold eyes. Disappointment and anger, yes, but not regret.

    “Jared,” Lia said weakly.

    Dismissing Krelis, Jared gave her all his attention. “Hush, Lia,” he said softly. “Don’t try to talk.”

    “Jared,” she gasped. “The web. Nothing else matters but the web. Everything’s keyed to you.”

    “Hush, Lia.”

    Her hand flailed. Her fingers found his hair. Curled. Tightened. Yanked hard.

    Jared grunted in surprise.

    “Hold the web,” Lia said in a voice that had an eerie quality to it.

    Jared lowered his forehead until it touched hers. It didn’t matter now. It was too late now. He wouldn’t tell her that. But now, when they only had a few moments left, he would tell her something else.

    “I love you, Lia,” he whispered. “I’ll always love you.”

    “Remember to say it when it counts,” she replied tartly.

    Stung by her tone of voice, Jared raised his head.

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