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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(159) by Anne Bishop
  • And watched gray eyes change to frosty green, watched the illusion of Lia’s face disappear.

    He felt something gathering, gathering. Heard a roaring.

    “Mother Night,” he whispered.

    The link between Garth and Brock had worked so well because Garth’s Birthright Jewel was the same as Brock’s Jewel of rank.

    Like Lia’s and Thera’s.

    Nowhe understood the tartness in Lia’s psychic scent when he’d kissed her, why she and Thera had stayed so close to each other, why Lia had tried to avoid physical contact as much as possible.

    Thera had linked their psychic scents together to hide the fact that Lia . . .

    The roaring grew louder.

    Power gathered, gathered, gatheredbeneath the Red .

    Everything keyed to him. Keyed to his blood.

    He looked at Krelis and knew the Master of the Guard heard the roaring, too. Felt the power gathering.

    He looked at Thera.

    She bared her teeth in a smile that was pure malice. “Checkmate.”

    “Mother Night!” Jared whimpered. He threw himself on top of Thera, pressed his face against her neck, and closed his eyes.

    The inner part of the web was still a strong red color, but the outer threads had faded, the power had retreated.

    How much time? Jared wondered as he began sending the Red back into the web. He’d forgotten Lia’s warning about ignoring what he thought was happening and letting himself get drawn into the trap she and Thera had laid for the Hayllians, letting himself get distracted from his task.

    Steady. Steady. If he flooded the web with power, he might shatter the minds it was meant to protect. But if he wasn’t in time, his carelessness would cost them the strongest.

    The roaring got louder.

    Almost had them all. Almost.


    Steady. Steady. There! He had Randolf. Blaed.Talon !

    Unleashed in one wild, raw, uncontrolled blast, Lia’s Gray strength hit his inner barriers hard enough to make him scream before it flowed around him and the psychic web keyed to him.

    He heard men scream.

    He heard sharp cracks, like tree limbs snapping.

    He heard squelchy sounds, like overripe melons being dropped on a hard floor.

    With his inner vision, he saw the web glowing bright red in the eye of a violent gray storm. He saw the dark circle of Hayllian minds flare and flare and flare until it shattered. He saw that other circle change to solid Gray.

    Gasping, he poured more strength into the web.

    A circle of Gray to contain the storm of power. When the unleashed Gray hit that Gray wall, the backlash would be as bad as the initial strike.

    The thought had barely formed when the backlash hit him. He held on, drawing everything he could out of his Red Jewels.

    It would return to its source. Whatever wasn’t absorbed as it roared through the Hayllians’ minds and crashed against their Jewels would return to its source.

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