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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(160) by Anne Bishop
  • Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful! Did Lia know enough to shield herself? She would be as vulnerable to the backlash as the rest of them.

    The ground shook.

    Wind howled through the streets of Ranon’s Wood.

    Lightning tore the sky apart.

    He felt the land embrace the power of a Queen that was being fed into it as what was left of the Gray flooded back to its source.

    And then he felt the silence.

    Thera punched his shoulder weakly. “Getoff me. I can’t breathe.”

    Jared’s head jerked. What had he been thinking of, lying on her like that? He rolled off her but immediately reached for her belly.

    Nothing to do for her. Even a Healer as good as Reyna had been couldn’t have helped her.

    Groaning, Thera sat up. She looked over his shoulder. What color there had been in her face fled.

    “Mother Night,” she gasped before she got to her hands and knees, crawled a couple of feet away from him, and became violently sick.

    Jared twisted around to see what had frightened her.

    He recognized the badge worn by a Master of the Guard.

    That was all he recognized.

    Too numb to look away, he stared at the torn, pulped mess.

    It would have been all of them. Without the web protecting everyone connected to it ...

    He shook his head, breaking the trance.

    He wouldn’t think of it.Couldn‘t think of it.

    Thera’s continued retching brought him back to the immediate.

    He crawled to her, slipping in the trail of intestines.

    Gathering up the hair that had escaped the loose braid, he put one hand on her forehead to support her, closed his eyes, and tried with all sincerity to convince his stomach to stay put.

    Then he frowned. How could she be retching when chunks of her stomach were strewn all over the road?

    Thera finally sat back on her heels. “Shit,” she said weakly, “it smells.”

    She fumbled with the torn tunic, trying to widen the tear. “Help me get it off. It smells.”

    “Thera . . .”


    Swearing under his breath, Jared ripped the tunic in half.

    Thera immediately swiped at the remaining guts and started tearing at the gauzy material wrapped around her middle.

    Jared stared for a moment. He pushed her hands away and ripped the material. Tossing the gauze aside, he gingerly wiped her belly with a piece of her tunic.

    No shattered bones. No torn flesh.

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