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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(162) by Anne Bishop
  • He saw his uncle Yarek and Thayne and a few other villagers come out of the buildings and look around, dazed.

    He heard Blaed shouting Thera’s name.

    He heard someone running behind him and knew it was Talon.

    Please, he thought as he ran.Sweet Darkness, please don’t let her walk out of the dance ring and see this .

    He leaped over a body and ran up the slope. He hit a wall of air cold enough to make his breath hitch, but it vanished as soon as he went through it.

    Reaching the crest, he skidded to a stop.

    Talon joined him, breathing hard.

    Lia sat near the center of the ring, her legs spread wide, her hands clutching her chest.

    “Lia,” Jared breathed.

    He rushed down to the dance ring and dropped to his knees between her legs. “Lia?” Cautiously, he reached out to touch her but didn’t quite dare. “Lia?”

    Her blank eyes stared at him.

    Talon went down on one knee beside her.

    Lia blinked. Blinked again.

    Hesitantly, Jared rested his hand on her thigh. “Lia?”

    “It knocked me down,” she said, pouting.

    She sounded like a little girl whose best friend had snatched her favorite toy.

    “It knocked me down,” she said again. She lowered her hands.

    Jared looked at the Gray Jewel smeared with blood. His blood. That’s how she had keyed her Gray power to recognize the psychic web and not destroy everyone connected to it.

    And the Blood shall sing to the Blood—and through the blood. Thank the Darkness.

    “It’s mine,” she pouted. “It shouldn’t knock me down.”

    “It was the backlash, sweetheart,” Talon said gently.


    *Did it damage her?* Jared asked on a spear thread.

    Talon hesitated, then shook his head. *I think she’s just dazed. Even with a Gray shield around her, she must have taken a vicious hit.*

    Humming softly, Lia caressed the Jewel.

    Jared could almost feel her fingers sliding over his skin.

    When she looked up again, her eyes were no longer blank.

    “Your men?” she asked Talon.

    He turned his head toward the village, his attention focused inward. After a moment, he said, “A couple of them were injured, but not seriously.”

    “Your people?” she asked Jared.

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