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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(47) by Anne Bishop
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    If he couldn’t use Craft to help, he would play the game by the enemy’s rules and use it to destroy.

    Raising his right hand, he aimed for the ground in front of a slim, tall tree that stood at the water’s edge several yards downstream and unleashed the Red.

    The ground around the tree exploded, tearing out part of its roots before his Red strength rebounded, heading straight for him.

    Jared dove, rolling the rest of the way down the slope.

    The blast of power sizzled over his head, tearing up the ground where he’d been standing.

    Cautiously raising his head, Jared watched the tree topple into the creek. Still tethered to the land by what was left of its roots, it bounced on top of the water.

    Scrambling to his feet, Jared plunged into the water, cursing as his feet tangled in submerged undergrowth. Once he pulled free, he swam across the current, fighting to reach Corry.

    It took seconds, seemingly centuries for him to reach the middle of the creek. He pulled his legs under him and planted his feet to test the water’s depth. It broke against his shoulders.

    Too long, Jared thought as he ducked under the water, clamped his hands around the Gray Lady’s waist, and yanked her to the surface.She’s been under too long .

    She gasped for air, swallowed water, and choked. Jared swore as he wormed one arm between her belly and Corry's back to hold her up. At least he didn’t have to worry about losing Corry. She could barely breathe, and her arms were still wrapped so tightly around the boy it was going to take a couple of strong men to pry him away from her.

    She coughed up water, and Jared swore again.

    “Breathe, damn you, breathe!” Jared shouted at her. “You arenot going to die just to get out of a fight!”

    “Sounds fair,” she gasped.

    Relieved that she could breathe enough to talk, Jared’s arm tightened around her until she squeaked.

    “We’re going to play hop frog,” Jared said, working to keep his voice calm while his instincts shivered a warning that some terrible danger was coming closer.

    “I amnot going to jump over your shoulders,” she growled.

    “Not leap frog.Hop frog. Didn’t you play any games when you were a girl?”

    “You can’t hop if you can’t touch the ground.”

    “The tallest one hops. The shorter ones just hang on for the ride. I used to do this all the time with my little brothers when the creeks were running high. It’s fun.” And thank the Darkness Reyna had never found out about it.

    “Only a boy would think a stupid, dangerous game was fun.”

    “Lady, you’ve got a lot of brass to call anything anyone else does stupid or dangerous.”

    He made the first hop before she could sputter a reply, letting the current push them a ways before planting his feet again. On the second hop, his foot slipped and they all went under. Since the Lady was too busy coughing and cursing him to say anything useful, he hopped again.

    They reached the toppled tree on the fourth hop.

    Jared grabbed the tree to keep his balance while he started to walk them toward the bank.

    “Jared!” Blaed rushed down the slope to the water’s edge. Bracing himself against the tree, he waded in far enough to yank Corry out of the Gray Lady’s arms. “We’ve got to get out of here. Thera says a spell’s been triggered and the power feeding it is going to hit this place anytime now.”

    Hell’s fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful.

    They scrambled for the bank.

    “I brought the saddle horses,” Blaed said. “The others took the wagon and will get as far away as they can before it hits.”

    “Go,” Jared said as soon as Blaed reached dry ground.

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