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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(49) by Anne Bishop
  • Swearing when he saw the Green Jewel in her ring, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand down before she could throw up a shield. He’d risk the range of the twisting spell and having his own power turned against him, but he’d be damned if he’d lether risk it.

    Fire roared behind them.

    The wagon was too close now. Too close.

    The gelding raced past a tree a second before the fire consumed it.

    “We made it!” Blaed shouted. “Mother Night, we made it!”

    Jared glanced back.

    A wall of witchfire filled the road behind them, but it wasn’t moving forward anymore.

    “Thank the Darkness.” Jared pressed his cheek against the Gray Lady’s head as he reined in the laboring horse. When the gelding slowed to a stumbling walk, he slid off its back. He wasn’t sure his legs would hold him, but they couldn’t afford to ruin the horses. “Come on, boy,” he soothed, sliding the reins over the gelding’s lowered head so he could lead it. “A little farther and you can rest.”

    He looked at the Gray Lady slumped in the saddle, her face hidden by her wet, tangled hair. His eyes narrowed.

    Funny. He wouldn’t have thought gray hair would look that dark when it was wet.

    “Jared!” Brock shouted.

    The wagon had slowed to a walk, too. Brock swung off the driving seat and jumped to the ground.

    Jared waved at him. “Keep them walking.”

    Brock started toward him, looked behind Jared at the Gray Lady, and hesitated. Then he waved an acknowledgment and turned around.

    The wagon door opened. Looking pale, Thera braced herself in the opening. Her green eyes swept over Blaed, who was leading the mare, and Corry, who was still in the saddle, pale and shaking. They lingered for a moment on the Gray Lady, and finally settled on him.

    Jared had the uneasy feeling she was looking for some kind of answer. Problem was, he didn’t know the question.

    Before he could say anything, she stepped back and closed the door.

    Jared looked at Blaed and frowned. “I told you to go.”

    Blaed shrugged. “Thera told me to bring you back. If I had to fight with someone about it, better you than her.”

    Jared grunted. Then he slanted another look at the young Warlord Prince. “You like her.”

    “She’s got a Harpy’s temper,” Blaed snapped as his face colored.

    Jared grinned. “You like her.” The grin faded. Slaves couldn’t afford those kinds of feelings.

    They walked for several minutes before Jared whistled sharply and raised his hand, calling a halt. The horses were cool enough to stand for a few minutes while they changed into dry clothes and got the Gray Lady settled into the wagon. She hadn’t said anything since he’d tossed her onto the gelding’s back. She had to be in pain. Her enduring it in silence reminded him why he was so furious with her.

    The moment the wagon stopped, Thera threw the door open and scrambled down the steps, almost falling in her haste.

    Wondering why she seemed so tense now that the danger was over—itwas over, wasn’t it?—Jared reached up to help the Gray Lady dismount.

    And found himself reaching for a gray-eyed, dark-haired,young witch dressed in the Gray Lady’s clothes.

    She frowned at him. and said, “What’s wrong?” at the same moment Thera said, “I’m sorry.”

    Fury blinded him. Hell’s fire, he hadhated witches who hadn’t made him this furious.

    Snarling, he clamped his hands around her waist and hauled her out of the saddle. As she fell forward, the Green Jewel hanging from a gold chain around her neck slipped out of the torn coat and tunic. Her gasp of pain and surprise—and the bruises already darkening on her shoulders and chest where she must have struck submerged rocks— stopped him from letting go of her until she had time to grab the gelding’s saddle to keep her balance. Then he stepped back, not trusting himself not to strike out.

    “Who are you?” he said roughly.

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