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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(83) by Anne Bishop
  • “Blaed’s a fool.”

    Thera bristled. “He is not!”

    “You said he was. This morning.”

    “That was this morn—”

    Jared sucked air when Thera’s hands clamped on his arm.

    “Listen,” she said, cocking her head.

    A rhythmic pounding. Off to their right. Out of sight.

    He probed cautiously, recoiling when he brushed against a slimy psychic scent. “It’s Garth.”

    Thera released him and started walking toward the sound.

    Swearing, Jared grabbed the back of her coat. “Stay here.”

    She turned icy green eyes on him. “You can come with me.”

    Keeping a firm grip on her coat, Jared muttered, “Blaed and I are going to have a little talk about tethers.”

    Thera made a sound a feral dog would envy.

    They found Garth, his large hand filled with a stone that he was using to pound something he’d placed on a flat rock. His teeth were bared. His face was contorted. He grunted with each impact as he pounded, pounded, pounded.

    “Garth,” Jared called, approaching warily. “Garth!”

    Garth stared at Jared with blue eyes filled with a killing rage.

    Jared hesitated, then stepped closer because he’d caught a glimpse of something shiny. “What are you doing?”

    Garth’s mouth kept working, but no words came out. With an anguished bellow, he threw down the stone and ran away from them.

    Jared took another step toward the rock.

    “Jared, be careful,” Thera said.

    Shiny brass buttons, mashed and useless, with pieces broken off.


    And something else. Something in the buttons he could almost sense.

    “Jared . . .”

    He heard the sharpness, the intensity in Thera’s voice.

    Careful. Careful.

    With a delicate psychic tendril, he probed one of the buttons.

    It happened too fast. One moment there was only that psychic sliminess. Then a psychic fog shot out of the buttons and rapidly changed into thick, sticky strands full of tiny hooks.

    It looked like a badly woven net, Jared thought as it came down over his mind. The tiny hooks dug into his inner barriers, securing the strand. Another strand touched. More hooks dug in.

    More strands. More hooks.

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