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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(85) by Anne Bishop
  • How dare she ride toward danger? How dare she risk herself? When they got out of here, he’d show her the sharp edge of his temper. Just see if he didn’t.

    *Blaed!* Jared roared. *Protect Lia! Shield Lia!*

    *Get down!* Thera yelled. *GET DOWN!*

    He saw Blaed sweep Lia out of the gelding’s saddle, pull her to the ground, and cover her.

    He tasted bitter jealousy that he was still too scrambled to use Craft, that he wasn’t the one shielding her, protecting her.

    Thera knocked his legs out from under him. He went down hard, then tried to shake her off when she landed on his back. Wrapping her arms around his head, she buried her face against his neck, and enclosed them both in a Green shield.

    The ground shook under him as the area around the flat rock exploded. Small stones and dirt rained down on them.

    Thera pressed against him harder and kept muttering, “Mother Night, Mother Night, Mother Night.”

    Moments later, years later, there was silence.

    Thera rolled off him, quickly stood up, and moved a few feet away.

    Shaken by everything that had happened, Jared moved more slowly. He noticed that Blaed, too, was slow getting to his feet.

    Lia, on the other hand, strode toward Thera, her face tightened by anger. Her gray eyes looked stone hard.

    “You stupid bitch,” Lia shouted. “I’ve been lenient about allowing you to use more than basic Craft, but Idid not give you leave to play around with spells you have no training to handle.”

    “Nothing would have happened,Lady , if you hadn’t tried to block it,” Thera shouted back. “If anyone’s to blame for this, it’syou .”

    Jared shook his head, as if that would clear away the confusion. What were they talking about?

    “Who do you think you’re talking to?” Lia shrieked.

    “A sexless bitch, that’s who! If you had any heat between your legs, you wouldn’t be wasting a male like him.” Thera jabbed a finger in Jared’s direction. “You would have ridden him for all he was worth long before now.”

    Lia hissed. “How would you know what a normal woman feels? You’d sheath anything that was willing to get between your thighs!”

    Letting out an outraged howl, Thera threw herself on Lia.

    Jared watched them go down in a tangle of limbs just as he got to his feet. He watched them roll on the ground, hitting, shrieking, scratching, tearing at each other’s clothes and hair.

    Shock locked him in place.

    Witches didn’t fight. At least, not physically. Never physically. Witches fought with words, fought with Craft. But not physically.

    Because something happened to witches when they crossed that line.

    Blood males were fiercely aggressive and might engage in quarrels that ended in blows, but they never completely lost themselves in that kind of fight. Witches did. They became feral, cold-blooded, deadly. They became something even strong males feared because their savagery surpassed anything a male was capable of, and they had no mercy.

    Thera and Lia rolled toward him. The shock cracked, shattered. A leg kicked out and hit him hard, knocking his feet out from under him.

    He fell on top of them. His fear turned into white-hot anger.

    He was only going to separate them, he assured himself as he tried to ram an arm between them. He wasn’t going to attack them, wasn’t going to hurt either one of them— especially because he wasn’t quite sure which body parts went with which woman.

    One of them threw a punch that skimmed the side of his head.

    Snarling, Jared tried to plant his palm on the bottom witch’s chin and give her head a good thump—and then yelled when two sets of teeth clamped down on his hand.

    Hearing another male’s angry roar, Jared rolled, dragging Thera and Lia with him. He realized his mistake a moment later when he opened his mouth to try to draw a breath and inhaled a mouthful of long hair.

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