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  • The Invisible Ring(Black Jewels,Book 4)(91) by Anne Bishop
  • Blaed shuddered. Thera and Lia turned a little green.

    “If I throw up on you, it’s your own fault,” Thera said. She took a quick sip of whiskey.

    Lia pressed a hand to her stomach and swallowed. “Don’t talk about throwing up.” Releasing Thera’s hand, she sat back. “Is he broken?”

    Thera’s eyes narrowed thoughtfully. “I’m not sure. I had the impression this was done hurriedly.”

    Lia nodded. “Because it was meant to be temporary. He could have been broken back to his Birthright Jewel.”

    “What’s the point of all this?” Blaed asked.

    Jared eased back onto the bench. “Destroying the one Queen capable of opposing Dorothea SaDiablo.”

    “But Lia isn’t the Gray—” Blaed stopped.

    Jared knew the moment Blaed put some of the pieces together and realized Lia must be more than just a young Queen serving in the Gray Lady’s court.

    The young Warlord Prince swore quietly, passionately.

    Lia squirmed.

    “So Garth’s the only one who knows who the enemy is,” Blaed said through clenched teeth, “but there’s no way to find out.”

    “Not for a few more days,” Thera said. “By then, all the runners I cut will have withered enough for him to break through.”

    Lia closed her eyes. “A few more days,” she said wearily.

    Jared slipped an arm around her shoulders to support her. “We’ve got a few advantages now. First, there were three buttons. That means three attempts to signal someone or leave an indication of our direction have been fouled. Second, whoever’s following us isn’t going to expect slaves to be wearing their Jewels.”

    “Unless the bastard somehow reported that you’re wearing the Red,” Blaed pointed out. “But you’re right that they’ll have more opposition than they’re expecting.”

    “And third,” Jared continued, “we’re less than three days away from my home village. If we push, we might be able to make it in two.”

    “No,” Lia said, trying to pull away from him. “We knew bringing people out of Raej would be risky, and it was a risk they’d have to share for the chance of freedom. But I’m not going to let a village of people who have nothing at stake take the risk of having Dorothea’s wrath descend on them.”

    Jared looked at Blaed and Thera. “My father is the Warlord of Ranon’s Wood.” If the war in Shalador had reached a small village like Ranon’s Wood . . . No. He wasn’t going to think about that.Couldn’t think about that. “We can get shelter and help there. And we can get a Coach to take us to the mountain pass.” He squeezed Lia’s shoulder. “The Gray Lady’s warriors would be waiting at the pass for you, wouldn’t they?”

    Lia nodded reluctantly.

    “What about all the rogues?” Blaed asked.

    Lia rubbed her hands on her trousers. “Gran has an arrangement with all of the rogues in the Tamanara Mountains.”

    “Gran?” Blaed and Thera said in unison.

    “The Gray Lady is Lia’s grandmother,” Jared said, watching them. “Lia is her successor.”

    Thera started sputtering. “You fool. You idiot.” She stopped because Blaed’s response was much pithier and far more creative. She nodded approvingly. “What he said.”

    Blaed’s hazel eyes blazed with anger. “Are you sure about getting a Coach that will get us safely to the pass?” he asked Jared.

    Jared nodded. “If, for whatever reason, my father turns down the request, I’ll steal the damn thing. We’ll get to Dena Nehele.”

    “Do I get any say in this?” Lia muttered.

    “No,” Jared and Blaed said.

    She gave Thera a dark look. “You’re not being helpful.”

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